10 Best Hero Forge Alternatives To Build Character In 3D

Hero Forge is unquestionably one of the best 3D printing character and model creation tools available. Several other platforms, however, may be regarded as the greatest Hero Forge alternatives owing to the additional possibilities they bring.

What exactly is Hero Forge?

Hero Forge is a website that allows you to customise miniatures and statuettes for tabletop roleplaying games. You no longer need to rummage through poorly supplied shops or trawl through low-resolution photo galleries in quest of the perfect miniature since you can now make one from start to finish.

Hero Forge began as a Kickstarter campaign, where the company raised more than $3 million for their venture. Since it started, it has become more and more popular, and now thousands of people visit the website every day.

Hero Forge ushered in a revolution in customisation technology and 3D printing with its personalised miniatures and statuettes, as well as user-friendly character configurators. It’s a popular tool for creating 3D miniatures that are unique to each class and race.

It is outfitted with the most advanced 3D printing technology, resulting in incomparable quality, a stunning interface, and an unrivalled user experience. It is particularly good at humanoid sculptures of player characters. You can create a lizard-man persona, but there are no options for creating a unicorn.

Aside from that, it offers an endless variety of great features, including facial expressions, haircuts, different postures, fighting gear, and the possibility to pick your gender.

Is Hero Forge Worth the Investment?

The figurines are of high quality. They look to be well-made and offer a variety of options. The company’s one criticism is that when you pick Premium Plastic in the construction tool, it ignores the fact that your mini may have nubs or rough regions where spurs have supported it.

This notice is only available on the materials page of their website. The creation tool only mentions the possibility of faint layer lines. In general, Hero Forge is a great platform that is always adding new ideas and making its tools better.

If you want to use a miniature for a long time, Hero Forge is a fantastic builder. If you just use a miniature for one game, it is pricey. See Top 10 Best Yify Alternatives & Proxy Websites In 2022.

Alternatives to Hero Forge You Should Be Aware Of

However, if you are disappointed with its features and overall performance, the following Hero Forge alternatives are listed. Their proclivity for developing and designing 3D-printed miniatures is not to be dismissed.

These platforms are capable of serving your demands to the best of their abilities while being cost-effective. So, let’s take a deeper look at some of Hero Forge’s top-rated, most-effective, and least-expensive competitors.

#1. Desktop Hero

Desktop Hero

Another best Hero Forge alternative. It is an exclusive service for printing the greatest tabletop models. You may use this tool to select a posture from the service or download one from the library and use it on your tabletop figurines.

For $3.80 to $5, you can begin customising your ideal small. The costs are quite low compared to other services. This company’s online printing may be significantly less expensive than printing at home.

As in Hero Forge, you can choose any design for your mini in Desktop Hero. More crucially, it is feasible to print it at a lower cost.

#2. PCGen


The nicest thing about our free Hero Forge replacement is that it is fully bug-free. As a result, you can create whatever design you want without being distracted by external factors. It is a java-based programme that can help you with certain challenging tasks when building models.

It has a variety of customising possibilities. Furthermore, it boasts a lightning-fast reaction time, so you are unlikely to experience any interruptions. There is no break to await the appearance of the gadget on the screen.

It finishes the models in seconds once you’ve completed all of the conditions. It has a lot of beneficial design characteristics. The only downside to this service is that customisation is restricted. Every free service, however, has a cost. Its cost is restricted customisation.

#3. Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch Foundry

This application is well-known for its customisation, 3D character building, and modelling capabilities, making it an excellent and cost-effective alternative to Hero Forge. It offers an easy-to-use interface that may help in the seamless manufacturing of miniatures.

It includes a variety of pre-set and creative character designs, as well as a vast range of clothing, appearances, and poses to choose from. With this great Hero Forge alternative, you can build and personalise your 3D miniatures for $35.

You may use it to express your creativity and publish your work on social media platforms like Facebook and other social applications. The user interface for Eldritch Foundry is clean and easy to use, but it could use some work in some areas, such as genre lines, templates, and so on.

There are many options available, although several categories have an odd aesthetic to them, which will likely be reduced if Eldritch Foundry stays and gives additional options. The platform was made on Kickstarter about a year ago, and it already makes great things.

They have some flaws with the user interface and the diversity of specific options, but for a newcomer to the market, they put up a strong performance and inspire hope that they will continue to progress.

#4. Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini Maker, with its own features and services, is an outstanding rival to Hero Forge. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes it not only easy to use but also enjoyable and interesting.

It brings your imagination to life and helps you create amazing 3D miniatures. You may choose from hundreds of ready-made style components. It has a large library of female and male body parts, clothes, and costumes, as well as a range of unique weaponry.

Knees, shoulders, brows, hips, and facial characteristics are just a few examples of body parts that may be personalised. You may also make fantasy sculptures and miniatures by choosing from a wide range of helmet types, weapons, caps, and masks.

When you’ve finished your design and want to make small changes to its final look, you may do it quickly by picking an appropriate option from the collection.


If the Hero Forge listed above does not match your needs, you may want to try Its basic and straightforward user interface offers a pleasurable experience when producing 3D minis. is a site where you can print 3D figurines that you can customize, like Hero Forge.

It looks to be a newbie to the market, since it was first mentioned in late December 2018. It provides stl files at a far lower cost than Hero Forge, but those savings come at the expense of a much more restricted modification toolbox and the need to handle mesh problems yourself.

While no business can compete with Hero Forge’s clothes and commodities, does a fantastic job of delivering a varied choice of portable gear. On the other hand, it has very few costume options, which makes it very hard to develop characters., on the other hand, provides a greater selection of monsters for your character to ride. The ability to personalise the character postures provided by is the feature that offers it the greatest promise. It contains sliders that let you bend and pivot your arms. The sliders normally govern how much your arms overlap with the figure unless you’re using the default A-pose.

This method is very limited owing to inadequate rotation mechanics implementation and inconsistencies in whether the motion is local to the joint or global, and should only be used rarely to overcome clipping problems caused by using certain objects with specific postures.

They worked hard to develop a collection of beautifully sculpted male and female replicas for each ethnicity. Furthermore, because of their brand-new emotion sliders, you now have far more control over your characters’ personalities and facial expressions.

They’ve also completely revamped their basic character model to have significantly more realistic proportions and natural poses while preserving the durability required to print on virtually any 3D printer.

#6. Thingiverse


Thingiverse is another fantastic Hero Forge alternative where you can try your hand at making customisable 3D figurines. It has a lot to offer despite not having as many features and details as Hero Forge.

The site focuses on 3D models and action figures of varying complexity and size. Because of its simple interface and versatile design, you can rapidly make and customise 3D miniatures that exactly express your first concepts.

It is a wonderful free Hero Forge rival since you can use it to build the character’s emotions, posture, and face, as well as weapons, accessories, and armour.

#7. Creature Caster

Creature Caster

For a multitude of reasons, Creature Caster makes this list of outstanding alternatives to Hero Forge. The equipment is well-known around the globe for producing high-quality resin figurines and statuettes. It has grown over time, and each new Creature Caster is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship and clever ideas.

#8. Cults


You can pick another independent Hero Forge replacement. This website is a popular 3D model marketplace with over 65,000 designs and a common platform for both makers and printers.

Cults sells famous souvenirs like the Batman Batarang Flexi and other figures. Among them are apocalyptic X-men 3D print models and other newer ones. Cults is a great place to get popular action figures and 3D models in general.

#9. Gambody


Gambody is the final Hero Forge choice on this list. This incredible company has a vast assortment of things ranging in price from $1 to $45.

Its huge library of incredibly realistic 3D models includes, among other things, starships, dioramas, legendary animals, and other popular figures. Finally, it gives you the choice of printing.

#10. MyMiniFactory


You cannot afford to overlook this Hero Forge replacement. There are several downloadable 3D models from its vast collection.

Here you may get miniatures from major franchises such as Pokémon. This excellent Hero Forge substitute gives you access to amazingly detailed action figures and pop-culture characters. The bulk of the models are free to use, but some may have a fee.


The Hero Forge alternatives described above are the best available on the internet. If you are a miniature designer, you should use to create your own or another person’s 3D miniature with a number of options.


Is Hero Forge the only owner of your character?

In the wording, users agree that Hero Forge owns “all intellectual property rights” in the designs and characters they create on the site.

Is there another option to Hero Forge?

There are five HERO FORGE® alternatives, including websites and Steam and Windows applications. is the finest alternative. These are some additional fantastic sites and programmes similar to HERO FORGE®.

Is there a free Hero Forge available?

Hero Forge is a free online character creation tool. Using our in-depth character creator tools, you can create and share your own designs. Order personalised tabletop miniatures that accurately depict your characters.

Is there a free Hero Forge alternative?

MyMiniFactory, which has a large 3D model collection and a printable version, is also an alternative to Hero Forge. It has realistic action figurines and animated characters. Furthermore, most models are free to use, but others may cost money.

Is it possible to sell my Hero Forge minis?

The 3D models may be printed or used for personal, noncommercial purposes only; they may not be resold, redistributed, or made accessible to third parties. Physical goods made from 3D models may not be sold or utilised commercially in any way, including as part of a bigger project.

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