Top 18 AutoTempest Alternatives & Similar Software In 2022

AutoTempest is a one-stop shop that consolidates listings from all major used automobile websites onto a single platform. Through its research tools, the service assists consumers at every stage of the purchase process and in locating the finest automobile models for themselves. Users may narrow their search by many criteria, such as model, mileage, transmission, and so on.

The portal provides enhanced search options, such as getting estimates on automobiles, both new and old, and comparing different car costs and features. AutoTempest even streamlines insurance and shipment of automobiles outside of the nation, removing uncertainty from the customer’s decision. The service saves the customer from having to open many websites and gives them access to practically every automobile in one spot.

The user can store his searches and return to them at any moment. Autotempest features a unique area for individuals who have never purchased a car before, which covers different auction locations, advice on the sort of car a given consumer can buy, and avoiding various types of car and payment fraud. See 10 Best CargoWise Competitors & Alternatives For Your Business.

Top 18 AutoTempest Alternatives & Similar Software In 2022

Here are the best competitors to AutoTempest available in the market.

#1. FinderMaster


If you’re searching for a AutoTempest alternative, FinderMaster should be at the top of your list. Finding a service or an item is a straightforward procedure. You can find your way around this classifieds site by using a map or just going through the options.

The site’s main layout is pretty straightforward, displaying all of the categories and sections that you can quickly browse to discover your product or service. It also has an advanced search bar where you can just enter the name of the product or service that you wish to purchase.

#2. ClassifiedsFactor


Another Competitor to AutoTempes. ClassifiedsFactor has done an outstanding job of providing its consumers with an exceptionally user-friendly classified advertisement site. By visiting a page, you may complete all the processes for seeking services or items. It also lets you select both your location and the item on the same page.

It is unique in comparison to other similar classified or online advertisement platforms. It is completely free to search for services and products, and you may sell your items by simply posting an open post. Posting advertising here is a straightforward process that takes just a few basic steps to accomplish. To post your ad, you must first establish a free account.

#3. Classified Ads

Classified Ads

Classified is one of the most popular classified ad websites and an alternative to AutoTempest where you may locate what you’re searching for or post your own ad for free. It, like Backpage and other similar sites, is absolutely free to use. You may use it to place an ad, view listings, and freely connect with sellers.

Classified Ads was built by a skilled team and includes all of the necessary services, features, and tools to provide a quick and simple experience. The site’s layout is relatively straightforward, with more than 10 distinct categories to explore, such as vehicles, pets, personals, for rent, and items for sale, among others. Each one contains a plethora of possibilities that you can simply explore without restriction. There is also a search box where you can enter the name of the product or service you are looking for.

#4. Geebo


Geebo like AutoTempest is a free online classified ad service that offers employment, real estate, autos, local artists, houses for sale, apartments for sale, and a variety of other sorts of advertisements. Every day, it posts hundreds of ads on its web platform, allowing customers to rapidly choose a magazine that meets their needs.

Users may simply search for what they are searching for by utilising Geebo’s powerful search function. It also provides a variety of categories such as items, automobiles, employment, construction, agricultural equipment, services, rents, roommates, real estate, jobs, and much more.

#5. USFreeads


USFreeads is a website where you can browse thousands of classified ads and post your own.USFreeads is one of the largest platforms for potential customers and willing vendors to barter for services and products.

Every day, USFreeads delivers hundreds of free classifieds and ads. Automobiles, pets and animals, real estate, business opportunities, home & garden, jobs, announcements, sports, toys, games, models, collectibles, hobbies & leisure, jewellery & watches, wanted advertisements, electronics, and dozens of more categories are accessible. USFreeads is a finest AutoTempest alternative.

#6. Oodle


Another AutoTempest alternative. Oodle is a web-based marketplace with millions of classifieds and ads. It aggregates advertisements from local newspapers as well as popular web sources such as ForRent and eBay. It also gets information from different levels of a newspaper around the world to add ads and classifieds to its database.

The best thing about Oodle is that it has a thorough marketing system and deals with online commerce, where users may bargain for a certain product. Oodle’s classifieds service is now available in the US, UK, and a few Asian countries.

#7. Kijiji


If you are searching for the best AutoTempest alternative. is an eBay-owned online classified advertising site that was created in March 2005. It functions as a centralised network of online communities, metropolitan areas, and city-organized local ads. It is available in over 300 major cities across Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and Taiwan, and features live listings in a wide range of categories such as autos, houses, and employment. Kijiji has all the same services as Backpage. The main difference is that it doesn’t get as much traffic from the US and has a bigger section for pets.

You can quickly explore ads in your neighbourhood or other places with the aid of this classified site to locate the finest offer for sale. The beautiful thing about Kijiji is that it allows you to locate local service providers or tradespeople such as cleaners, daycare providers, and plumbers, among other things.

#8. OLX


OLX is a local online marketplace where you can sell and purchase items. It is one of the finest sites to purchase and sell anything without having to travel to the market in person. It has a wide range of products and a large audience, which makes it one of the best places to buy and sell things in classified ads.

This website also allows you to submit free classified advertisements. It is critical to note that, rather than dealing with online commerce, OLX links potential buyers and vendors.

#9. ClassifiedsGiant


ClassifiedsGiant is a free classified supplier of all types of ads that links sellers and buyers to conclude the deal according to their terms and conditions. It is a marketplace where you can find classifieds and ads for jobs, apartments, rents, pets, services needed, vehicles, employment, and much more.

ClassifiedsGiant is a free and friendly internet advertisement supplier with thousands of millions of ads. All of its classified advertising may be found in the categories of company operations, automobiles & trucks, employment, for sale, real estate, and others. All of these main categories are then broken down into a huge number of smaller categories and services.

#10. Adpost


The word “Adpost” refers to a platform that exclusively offers an ad posting mechanism. However, this is not a comprehensive statement. Adpost is a free classified and ad service that includes an ad system, classified searches, and the ability to post your own advertising. The major advantage of utilising Adpost is that it, like other online classified providers, provides all the necessary features and capabilities.

Adpost includes a method for updating users about new posts, and adverts are tailored to the users’ preferences. You may also use this auto-notification option by registering an Adpost account and configuring your own auto-notification agent. Its ad publishing option is straightforward, allowing users to submit as many advertisements as they wish. Adpost’s classified ad system is free. But Adpost’s ad posting services can be used for free or for a fee based on how important the ad is.

#11. Gumtree


Gumtree is a classifieds website that solely serves the people of the United Kingdom. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can profit from using Gumtree. It is now dealing with advertising and classifieds from other nations as well, but the UK has a greater ratio than other locations. Gumtree will be of tremendous use to you if you are seeking work, upgrading your system, renting an apartment, or anything else.

It is responsible for all advertisements for services and goods that appear in the local newspaper and on other platforms. With a few clicks, you can instantly access your chosen advertisement.The nice thing about Gumtree is that it connects buyers and sellers while also allowing them to make the final decision.

#12. DomesticSale


DomesticSale is a garbage-free classified point for the first time in the classified sector, ensuring that its users receive spam and scam-free listings. DomesticSale safeguards the dependability and authenticity of the advertisements in this manner.

DomesticSale stands for availability at the local level, which implies that DomesticSale is available globally. It offers classified advertisements and classifieds in the categories of sales and services, cars and trucks, career opportunities, resumes, vacation rentals, event calendars, secure stores, and much more.

#13. Recycler


Recycler, as the name suggests, is a specialist classified source for secondhand used products alone. These items can be in any category, and the recycler mechanism is similar to that of any other categorised supplier. The main distinction is that it solely sells secondhand and worn merchandise.

If you’re looking for a second-hand item of any kind, Recycler is the place to go. You may find ads and classifieds in the categories of cars & vehicles, pets, houses for rent, rooms for rent, apartments for rent, mobile homes, real estate, community, services, and much more on this site.

#14. Backpage


Backpage was a free classified service that allowed users to look for and post limitless jobs on its massive classified network. Backpage was an online classified market that provided users with free access from anywhere in the globe to sell and trade online.

In that way, internet trade connects potential buyers and vendors. Following that, both parties can determine the terms and conditions based on their common understanding.’s principal goal was to assist both local and internal customers in obtaining advertisements from others and posting advertisements for their businesses at no cost.

#15. eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds, often known as Kijiji, is a digital classified market supported by eBay, a massive online retailer. With eBay Classifieds, people from all over the world can quickly look for local ads in any category and post their own ads for free.

eBay Classifieds is a free ad viewing and placement service that provides a very simple and easy-to-use system for buying, selling, and trading at both the local and worldwide levels. Come to eBay Classifieds and look through the available jobs to find work.

#16. Krrb


Krrb is a classified and ad-based internet trading platform that serves as a means of contact between possible buyers and willing sellers. The nicest thing about Krrb is that it offers classifieds and ads on both a local and worldwide scale.

Krrb is an online classifieds company that links users all over the world. Searching for a certain ad in the KRB’s massive classified database is simple and uncomplicated. Just like browsing the advertising, the technique for publishing any ad is fairly simple, requiring users to first make an account and then go for the free job posting.

#17. OfferUp


Offer Up is a free mobile app that allows you to purchase and sell anything. It is a major mobile marketplace for local consumers and dealers. The app makes it simple to get the greatest bargains on products you desire and earn money on items you want to sell.

The app starts off simply, but it already has millions of users worldwide who use it to buy and sell items in their town or neighbourhood with individuals they can trust. It, like all other digital markets, provides a variety of categories such as electronics, clothing, furniture, cell phones, and many more.

#18. Yakaz


Yakaz was a digital search engine that indexed millions of local and worldwide classified advertisements and classifieds. The nicest part about Yakaz was that it was regularly updated, and hundreds of ads and classifieds were posted to the Yakaz database every day.

Yakaz was a digital marketplace where users could browse classified ads for automobiles, motorcycles, an item for sale, services sought, a product for sale, rent a house, real estate, business possibilities, and a variety of other categories. Furthermore, the site was one of the few online classifieds providers with a large presence in the internet world and throughout the world.


Can I sell my automobile using AutoTempest?

AutoTempest does not allow you to immediately trade in your vehicle. Although AutoTempest provides a tool for calculating your automobile’s trade-in value, you cannot trade in your car through AutoTempest. AutoTempest, on the other hand, has a partnership with to provide a means to market and sell your automobile online.

Which websites does AutoTempest scan?

Some of the popular websites from which AutoTempest obtains listings are:

  • Carvana
  • Truecar

Autotrader and plenty of others

Can you trade in your vehicle with AutoTempest?

Unfortunately, AutoTempest does not accept trade-ins. It does, however, provide a tool for calculating the trade-in value of your vehicle.

How does AutoTempest generate revenue?

AutoTempest generates revenue through referrals. It has collaborated with several businesses and benefits by sending them, additional customers.

Is AutoTempest a new vehicle dealership?

AutoTempest doesn’t sell cars directly; instead, it gathers listings from big dealers and private sellers.

Is AutoTempest a genuine company?

AutoTempest is not a scam because it is a real aggregator of used automobile listings.

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