10 Best CargoWise Competitors & Alternatives For Your Business

CargoWise One is a platform that allows customers to improve their supply chains across all forms of transportation and borders by placing productivity at the heart of global logistics. The technology assists logistics organisations in managing the seismic shifts in global commerce as well as the ups and downs in taxation.

CargoWise enables customers to retain all of their data in a single database and manage their currencies and languages. The platform enables users to enter data only once and then maintain it effortlessly. CargoWise  helps customers manage the warehouse and transportation systems by offering freight forwarding and custom compliance solutions.

CargoWise One’s automatic data procedures help customers stay compliant, and users can simply check that they are obeying the law. Finally, it enables users to make data-driven decisions about their operations and time-consuming activities. See, 15 Best Slidesgo Competitors & Alternatives To Try In 2022.

10 Best CargoWise Competitors & Alternatives For Your Business

Here is the list of best competitors to Cargowise for the growth of your business.

#1. Waybill Tracking Software

Waybill Tracking Software

Waybill Tracking Software like CargoWise is a programme that allows users to manage their logistics in one location. The platform allows for total customisation and the creation of a comprehensive logistics business solution. Furthermore, because it is a cloud-based system, users may readily access it from anywhere.

The platform allows customers to completely brand their logistical operations, and they can generate bookings straight from their website. Furthermore, customers may equip their drivers with mobile applications to enhance their location and mail delivery procedures. Users may access all features from a single location and the programme from any location.

#2. Cheetah Freight

Cheetah Freight

Another CargoWise Alternatives. Cheetah Freight is a platform that includes cloud shipping technologies that allow customers to manage their online shopping and freight services. The platform includes all three services: land, air, and ocean shipping. Also, it lets users manage the business’s accounts without having to enter the same information over and over.

The platform employs a straightforward technique in which the charges for the goods being delivered are borne by the sender. It is one of the safest and most popular ways for people to travel because it is delivered by ship.

#3. Linbis


Linbis is a platform that includes logistics software to help users arrange, coordinate, and ship cargo. The platform offers freight forwarding software that users can access over the cloud and use to run their business from anywhere. Furthermore, it assists organisations in managing information, inventories, supplies, warehouse tasks, and much more.

Users may manage their fleets and track their whereabouts as well as the location of the delivered goods using the service. Furthermore, the warehousing capability enables customers to properly manage the transportation of commodities. It’s a great CargoWise COmpetitors In the Market.

#4. Avaal Express

Avaal Express

Another best competitor to CargoWise . Avaal Express is a platform that offers freight management, tracking, and other services. Users may utilise the platform to manage dispatching, fleet management, drivers’ management, safety and compliance, and accounting. It also has a Google Maps function that allows users to track the whereabouts of their vehicles and goods at all times.

The platform includes a real-time tracking system that allows users to follow all of their vehicles and merchandise travelling throughout the country, and they can manage everything paperlessly. Furthermore, it assists customers with everything from software installation to training.

#5. TDS Loads Xpress

TDS Loads Xpress

TDS Loads Xpress like CargoWise is a tool that assists customers in fleet management and allows them to handle business accounts. The platform provides its customers with a variety of functions, such as vehicle maintenance alerts, IFTA fuel tax, audits, driver logs, and so on. Also, it lets customers see both the money they make and the money their business costs in real time.

Customers may use the platform to determine how much they must pay the driver. Furthermore, it keeps the company’s accounts up to date, and they cut their administrative costs by automating some duties. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

#6. LoadPilot


LoadPilot is a software built by brokers for brokers to assist them manage their freight company, allowing users to quote, book, organise, invoice, and monitor loads. Transportation professionals can use the platform’s full management solution, which they can access from anywhere in the world.

The site is simple to use, and users can easily navigate and retrieve the information they want. It has a guidance system to help people learn how everything works. It assists users in locating the appropriate carrier from the appropriate place. It is a finest compare to CargoWise.

#7. GoFreight


GoFreight is a platform that enables customers to manage their freight forwarding operations more efficiently and with fewer steps. The platform is an all-in-one solution that includes warehousing, security filing, managing invoices, tracking freight, and other tasks.

It provides users with a straightforward interface for managing and designing their workflow. The technology allows customers to attach messages to their merchandise anywhere they desire. It also lets customers keep their data in sync across all of their devices so they can manage their vehicle and cargo inventories. It is also a great alternative to CargoWise.

#8. SysFreight


SysFreight is a platform that includes freight management software with a totally driven GUI and the ability to handle many languages and databases. The software operates across borders for its users and effortlessly performs all duties. It also helps with the management of marine freight operations and lets users plan, book, and track cargo in a thorough way.

The software allows employees to manage all aspects of their land, sea, and air logistics and freight operations, from cargo booking to delivery to owners. Furthermore, it enables users to produce information on service sales and income generation.

#9. Magaya


Another alternative to CargoWise. Magaya is a platform that provides customers with a unified logistics solution for operations, accounting, visibility, tracking, and rule compliance. Modern logistics software, like automation, visibility, connection, and intelligence, is available on the platform to help customers manage their logistics tasks.

It has end-to-end capability, allowing users to handle everything from order acquisition to product delivery. The platform includes extensions and apps that enable customers to expand the solution to meet changing demands. It helps all of its clients solve problems and offers help over the phone and through live chat.

#10. Shipthis


Shipthis like CargoWise is a platform that streamlines users’ accounts, sales, operations, and freight processing. The platform includes effective freight forwarding software that helps organisations achieve overall growth through integrated CRM, ERP, and accounting services. Also, it has a new kind of freight forwarding service that lets operations be run from anywhere.

The platform is simple to use, and users can quickly traverse the programme since it is not difficult to configure. Furthermore, the platform has a real-time tracking tool that allows customers to trace all air, sea, and land shipments in real time.


What exactly is CargoWise?

CargoWise is a robust, tightly integrated global logistics execution platform that simplifies trading. It assists logistics firms in managing seismic changes in global trade, such as rising tariffs, regulations, and taxes, as well as booming e-commerce volumes and margin pressures.

Is there an API for CargoWise?

Order and shipment are the two resources exposed by the cargowise API. There may be helpful information on either or both, depending on your logistics business and the data captured.

CargoWise is an ERP system.

The primary rationale for selecting CargoWise One as the company’s ERP was to generate significant savings in resources, time, and money. However, even after a year of deployment, we’ve only seen expenses rise.

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