18 Best Bazaarvoice Alternatives For Shopper Management In 2022

Bazaarvoice is an Austin, Texas-based technology business that provides software that enables brands and retailers to gather and display various sorts of user-generated content (UGC) on their e-commerce websites. Product ratings and reviews, questions and answers, samples, visual and social content, insights, social commerce, and social publishing are all services provided by Bazaarvoice.

Your consumers require a tour guide for their shopping experience. User-generated content (UGC) is the intelligent, colourful, and trustworthy companion your customers want. Bazaarvoice comes into play. We help you give your customers what they need at every step of their trip. The full UGC platform from Bazaarvoice links your e-commerce site, social media accounts, retail channel, and the best content acquisition services on the market.

There will be no more sampling with a single vendor if the material cannot reach retail and no more ratings and review software, but there will be no fantastic method to get material flowing. No need for a separate social media strategy program that does not assist your e-commerce site.

Bazaarvoice provides a centralized location for acquiring content and distributing it across the whole customer experience. And get your internal teams to collaborate to sell more, quicker.

18 Best Bazaarvoice Alternatives For Shopper Management In 2022

Discover the most effective Bazaarvoice alternatives and rivals. Examine 18 prominent reputation management solutions in depth to determine which one is best for you. Learn how these reputation management software options stack up against Bazaarvoice in terms of features, usability, customer care and support, and genuine user reviews.

#1. Yotpo


Yotpo like Bazaarvoice is a complete review and rating platform that allows businesses to receive timely feedback from their consumers. The system employs data-driven technologies that allow businesses to solicit client feedback and acquire extensive insights into their buying experiences. Yotpo uses AI-powered technologies to convert consumer content into purchases by gathering reviews, ratings, and Q&A. It provides customized displays, allowing marketers to personalize the platform to their liking. Businesses may also use the program to filter, measure, and optimize their content all in one spot.

It delivers a fully integrated experience by giving businesses complete control over how they gather, display, and promote user-generated information (UGC). It also evaluates the influence of UGC on company success through an easy-to-use analytics dashboard. Yotpo’s scalable infrastructure makes it possible for businesses of any size and design to gather and increase reviews. It is GDPR-compliant and has been approved by SOC2 and Privacy Shield to keep the data of organizations safe.

#2. Mentionlytics


Mentionlytics is a social media and website monitoring technology that assists small-to-large businesses and professions such as artists, politicians, celebrities, and others. It allows businesses to track what people are saying about their brands on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and any other website.

Mentionlytics has five regular price plans and the ability to develop custom alternatives to meet any demand. Simple: $49 per month and $99/per month are required. $199 per month for an advanced Professional: $299 per month $450+ per month for an agency.

#3. Trust Pilot

trust pilot

Trust Pilot is a fantastic customer review management software that helps web-based businesses develop trust and interact with their consumers. According to the present market landscape, there are hundreds of enterprises available to us, giving us a plethora of possibilities from which to select the best. But how can we tell the difference between what is healthy and what is harmful? Trustpilot is a free and open program for any firm or customer to use to help us select the best products. Everyone can contribute product reviews. Sharing experiences helps others make better decisions and helps businesses make more sales.

It is an established truth that before purchasing any commodity, a large section of the public first searches the web and reads the messages left by previous consumers. It is there that everyone realizes how trustworthy a product or brand is. And Trust Pilot assists the brand in achieving that dependability. From infant items to high-tech technical goods, the site provides feedback on the standards and usage of each item. Trustpilot not only assists people in purchasing cautious items, but it also assists organizations in increasing sales and standing out in the market with a positive reputation. They provide a free starter bundle for beginners as well as a variety of premium options for pros.



Nothing in your business functions in isolation, thus it’s critical that the software from various aspects of your organization communicate with one another. This is what IFTTT (If This Then That) can provide for your company. Apps and programs might appear incompatible at times, and it can be difficult to communicate data across them, making collaboration and integrating all the many aspects of your organization a real task.

IFTTT is a free service that attempts to assist in the creation of such connections so that your apps and gadgets may smoothly share data. Applets are a key component of IFTTT. This is a series of basic conditional statements triggered by changes in other popular online services. Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook are examples of such programs. It also offers services, which are the applications and gadgets that individuals use daily.

#5. Cision


Cision is a complete communications platform that enables over 100,000 public relations and marketing professionals worldwide to understand, influence, and amplify their stories. This is the industry leader and enables the next generation of communication professionals to strategically function in the new media landscape where public opinion has a direct influence on corporate performance. Cision has operations in 24 countries across the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

#6. ReviewTracker


ReviewTrackers, yet another alternative to Bazaarvoice is cloud-based reputation management and review management tool for businesses of all sizes. Among the most important features are review collection, monitoring, notifications, competition tracking, performance statistics, review widgets, and email and SMS review requests.

ReviewTrackers aggregates online reviews from more than 100 third-party review sites, including Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. When a consumer leaves a new review, users are notified. Users can also use technologies for natural language processing to look at customer reviews and find common issues and themes based on what customers say.

ReviewTrackers works with Hootsuite, Zapier, and other third-party applications. With API access, businesses can automate review requests directly from CRMs and make quick review requests after a transaction.

#7. Online Checkwriter

online check writer

Online Checkwriter is a cloud-based program that writes checks online for any bank using any printer and any blank check paper. It helps businesses save money by allowing them to utilize blank check paper instead of stocking pre-printed checks. The online checkwriter prevents fraudulent checks and works with several banks and checks. It accepts payments via phone, email, and fax and may simplify the mailing of cheques. They specialize in expenditure reports, multi-bank deposit slips, and cheque draughts.

After thorough security tests, the infrastructure is safe and is being enhanced to interface with Quickbooks online and most mainstream banks. An online checkwriter is essentially a simple and safe on-demand platform for check printing software that keeps your cash private and in order. It works smoothly with any bank, thereby preventing fraudulent or fake cheques from entering your account. They also offer services to help you keep track of your cleared and uncashed checks, print deposit slips online for any bank, connect to QuickBooks, and print QuickBooks checks on Blank Check Paper.


grade-us is a cloud-based review and reputation management solution for all sizes of businesses. Within a single suite, it provides feedback collection, multi-channel management, and campaign management.

Users can collect customer feedback through a variety of channels, including emails and SMS campaigns. The program also includes review management, which allows customers to construct drip campaigns for acquiring reviews. Users may utilize review streamlining to choose and submit reviews on social networking networks. The software also has WordPress integration.

Users can utilize review reporting tools to keep track of newly published reviews on third-party websites. Users can also make personalized reports on campaign performance metrics like click-through and conversion rates.

There are three price tiers for Professional for marketers; Agency for local agencies and SEO; and Partner for large agencies and franchisees.

#9. Podium


Podium is a marketing and communication platform that has won multiple awards like Bazaarvoice. It uses text messaging to help local businesses improve their online reputation, turn more leads into customers, and keep more customers.

Podium’s all-in-one inbox combines reputation management, website chat, marketing campaigns, and mobile payments into a single inbox, assisting over 100,000 businesses in winning.

#10. Drag


Drag and drop links into Gmail to transform it into a collaborative workspace with a single inbox for managing projects, sales, marketing, and customers. Users can manage shared emails such as “sales@” and “support@” from within Gmail. The team may simply utilize such accounts in the same way that they use their own. Internal team chat, due dates, tasks, calendar integrations, and a drag board with a Kanban layout for production scheduling are also included in the software.

Users can toggle between the default list view and the Kanban view without losing functionality. They can also organize emails visually by sorting them into different columns. There are numerous color-coding options for different time zones, levels of urgency, and other factors. The software can also sync with the user’s Google Calendar for more efficient data flow, and users can see what their team members are working on at a glance and assign tasks accordingly.

#11. Hootsuite


Social media is a dangerous place to conduct business. As a result, thousands of businesses rely on Hootsuite’s tools and expertise to bring order to the chaos. Launch great social campaigns, offer 5-star social commerce, and keep track of all your customer conversations in one place.

Hootsuite is a cloud-based social media management tool that lets businesses and organizations run campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube, among others.

You can manage organic and paid social content simultaneously, easily track customer conversations, break down silos in how you collaborate with your organization, and gain actionable real-time insights from social media to make critical business decisions—all from a single intuitive dashboard.

Hootsuite, the world’s most trusted social media management solution, can help you succeed by providing expert certifications, training, and coaching in social marketing, social listening, and customer service. With Hootsuite, you can extend your results and get more from social media faster.

#12. Womply


Womply is a cloud-based reputation, customer relationship, and company management solution for small businesses in a variety of industries. It helps these companies manage their online reputation and market presence, keep track of client participation, keep an eye on KPIs, and do other things.

Womply notifies users when new reviews are posted on sites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor. The Womply interface just like Bazaarvoice allows users to read and comment on these reviews. The service also helps users keep track of information about their clients, send automated emails to customers, and make reports about how customers spend money in their local markets.

Womply’s company management software allows users to check credit card transactions, compare income to similar firms, and watch local consumer spending patterns.

#13. Supermetrics


Supermetrics is a performance management platform that provides solutions for centralizing all marketing metrics. Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms allow for the extraction of relevant data sets from a variety of sources. Supermetrics for Google Sheets enables users to easily report, monitor, and analyze data in Google Sheets by providing all the metrics and dimensions required. With automated reporting, users may even automate laborious data transfers and save time.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio allows users to create world-class marketing reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio. By connecting to PPC, SEO, social media, analytics, and other marketing platforms, users can compare Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Bing campaigns in the same charts.

#14.  DemandForce


Demandforce is an all-in-one practice growth solution designed to bring in new patients and keep them returning. With fully integrated automation capabilities such as appointment reminders, automated recall, two-way messaging, targeted email campaigns, and more, all are accessible through a single, easy-to-use centralized dashboard. With Demandforce, you can increase office productivity and provide better care to your patients right away. Increase patient appointments using email marketing, recall messaging, and other methods.

With automatic appointment reminders that can be sent to patients by text, email, or voice, you can keep track of your appointments better and reduce the number of people who don’t show up. Maintain patient awareness and retention by utilizing methods such as targeted email marketing, SMS messaging, and direct mail without the need for extra support workers or teams. With Demandforce’s Reputation Management tools, you can preserve your practice’s online reputation and improve your ratings on the sites that matter the most.

#15. Birdeye


Birdeye is the most widely recognized reputation and customer experience platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a good replacement for Bazaarvoice.

Birdeye’s all-in-one platform offers surprisingly simple and scalable ways to manage your online reputation and connect with prospects through digital channels. Birdeye, founded in 2012 and located in Palo Alto, is managed by a team of Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Yahoo innovators and is funded by Silicon Valley’s who’s who,

#16. Djubo


DJUBO StarSight yet another Bazaarvoice alternative is a cloud-based reputation management service that gives hospitality businesses. This dashboard displays hotel reviews and ratings collected from third-party websites such as Trivago, Cleartrip, and MakeMyTrip. Workers in the back end may use the solution to look at customer feedback and respond to negative reviews.

DJUBO StarSight includes sentiment analysis, which allows hotel management to determine the number of good and negative evaluations. Hotel management may also examine consumer feedback by classifying evaluations with machine learning and natural language processing filters. Customers can get help from an online knowledge base, and services are given to people who pay a monthly fee.

#17. Chekkit


Chekkit is a cloud-based reputation management system for service-oriented organizations such as dentists, chiropractors, brokers, and other professionals. Campaign administration, response management, review monitoring, and sentiment analysis are all important elements.

Chekkit enables users to gather leads and preserve the names and phone numbers of website visitors.  Furthermore, Chekkit provides users with negative feedback management features as well as an internal dashboard. It also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS devices to consumers.

#18. NiceJob


NiceJob is a cloud-based reputation management platform that assists businesses in managing reviews, recommendations, and sales.

NiceJob’s automated emails and SMS messages prompt clients to post reviews. If consumers do not leave a review, they are reminded. Customers’ tales may be created by utilizing photographs, comments, and tags in the reviews. Customer tales can be published on the website, and chosen stories can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

NiceJob charges a monthly subscription fee for its services. You can get help through email, live chat, online documentation, and an online help desk.


What is the purpose of Bazaarvoice?

The Bazaarvoice Network provides social data about more than 500 million monthly users’ online and offline shopping behaviors, allowing marketers and Bazaarvoice clients to identify real-time purchase intent and better target consumers with more relevant, engaging experiences that drive e-commerce traffic.

Who does Bazaarvoice collaborate with?

Over 12,000 of the world’s largest brands and retailers, including Nestle, Walmart, ASDA, Unilever, L’oreal, and Pepsi, rely on us. Please go through our customer success stories to see how we collaborate and why they recommend us so highly.

Is Bazaarvoice compatible with Shopify?

Bazaarvoice connects to Shopify via a Shopify app that supports Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers. The software makes it easier to build the technology that Bazaarvoice and Shopify clients need to collect, display, and share content on Shopify stores.

What exactly is syndication on Bazaarvoice?

User-generated content (UGC)—ratings, reviews, questions, answers, and comments—can be shown throughout the Bazaarvoice Network of retail and brand websites using syndication. By syndicating UGC, you can reach more customers than if you just put it on the page where it first appeared.

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