15 Best Digital Adoption Platform Software (DAP) in 2022

In this new era of hybrid work, a Digital Adoption Platform Software (DAP) is no more a nice to have. Because users can choose when, where, and how to study on these platforms, they are very important for getting people to use the software. Despite the fact that user adoption solutions are becoming more popular, 30% of businesses are still considered technology laggards by 2020. The purpose of Digital Adoption Platform Software is to assist people in learning how to utilize software programs or websites.

Digital Adoption Platform Software work as a layer on top of an application. They make it easier for users to learn how to use the app by giving them step-by-step tutorials and on-demand coaching, and they also make sure that the app is working properly. Use the table below to compare the finest Digital Adoption Platform Software currently available. No matter where you are on your technology adoption path, it’s never too late (or too early) to look into solutions that can help you improve onboarding, learning, and adoption.

15 Best Digital Adoption Platform Software (DAP) in 2022

This article compares and contrasts 15 Digital Adoption Platform Software to help you decide which one is best for you and your business.

What is the definition of a Digital Adoption Platform Software?

A Digital Adoption Platform Software makes technology adoption easier because it links easily with apps that consumers are already familiar with. Speke, a learn-anytime digital adoption platform, for example, has Salesforce and Slack integrations. It delivers important data directly to such apps without interfering with employee operations.

Platforms for Digital Adoption Platform Software also provide:

  • Animated walkthroughs
  • In the app, there are places for guidance and collaboration.
  • Notifications that are intelligent
  • Self-help tools include analytics and dashboards.

Organizations may use Digital Adoption Platform Software to achieve digital transformation and improve the employee experience. Best-in-class solutions are easy to use, meet workers where they are, and help them learn, adapt, and grow with as little trouble as possible. While the Digital Adoption Platform category has several subcategories, the majority of them are focused on two use cases:

  • Product adoption platforms: These platforms assist product teams (as well as marketers and designers) in understanding how their products are being used. Product teams can use a Digital Adoption Platform Software to track where users get stuck, leave, convert, and learn other important information in order to evaluate and improve their user experience and app design.
  • Internal employee Digital Adoption Platform Software: These platforms help technology adoption and enablement teams improve employee onboarding, learning, adoption, and retention.

Rather than inundating employees with knowledge all at once or forcing them to attend training sessions, the most effective Digital Adoption Platform Software provide self-paced learning and content formats that employees may complete with little to no assistance. Self-guided, just-in-time training that doesn’t get in the way of employees’ work may help them accept new technologies and learn how to do important job tasks when they come up.

What role can a Digital Adoption Platform Software play in your company?

Digital Adoption Platform Software can help with onboarding, training, adoption, engagement, and even keeping people on the job. The most effective Digital Adoption Platform Software is able to:

Reduce the time it takes to get up to speed

Gallup says that it takes about a year for new employees to reach their full potential. A Digital Adoption Platform Software may help workers throughout their learning lifecycle and get them up to speed faster, especially as hybrid work patterns and sales cycles become more common.

They provide chances for self-directed learning and recall

Experience and longer-format training enhance the knowledge obtained via experience and longer-format training. If a sales professional learned how to modify an opportunity stage during onboarding, the Digital Adoption Platform Software would lead them through the full process via video, walkthroughs, or integrated tips and prompts when they needed to do it.

Enhance employee satisfaction

According to a Gallup study, just 12% of employees strongly feel that their company does a good job onboarding new employees. That indicates that 88% of people believe there is potential for improvement. With Spekit’s Digital Adoption Platform Software, you can give your employees a way to learn that improves both their individual and team performance by giving them information when and where they need it. Step-by-step instructions, in-app notifications, knowledge bases, microlearning, and team spaces help employees find, use, and remember information in different ways.

Give visibility to the adoption and enablement teams

Technology adoption advocates may use analytics and dashboards to see how their teams are performing. To measure staff performance, user adoption success, content usefulness, sales metrics, and other adoption KPIs, look for a Digital Adoption Platform Software with built-in analytics.

1. CrowdPower


Targeted client involvement may help you grow your business. Track key customer behaviors and send personalized notifications to increase sales and engagement. Targeted client involvement may help you grow your business. Track key customer behaviors and send personalized notifications to increase sales and engagement. Advanced segmentation is a technique for separating people into groups. To send tailored communications at the proper moment, create customer lists depending on who they are, where they are, and what they do (or don’t do). simple to carry out. Effective Outcomes You can add CrowdPower to your website with just a few lines of code and then start sending targeted notifications to boost sales. If your company uses Segment to install third-party integrations, you can start using CrowdPower right now by enabling it in Segment’s interface.

2. HintEd


With the use of interactive on-screen tutorials, HintEd allows companies to onboard new workers onto their digital platforms in only one day, without having to leave their offices for training. HintEd is a no-code solution that includes plugins, stand-alone Windows apps, and SDKs for creating interactive in-app walkthroughs (hints, popups, and tooltips) for online and desktop corporate applications. We assist businesses with lowering their username costs.

3. Userlane


Userlane is a no-code Digital Adoption Platform Software that aims to increase software adoption by allowing anybody to immediately understand any software. This is made possible by our step-by-step interactive guide technology and our on-demand Virtual Assistant, which helps software users whenever they need it by giving them the help that is relevant and personal to them. Employee onboarding and training (enterprise digital adoption), as well as consumer onboarding and self-service, are all possible with our solution (for software vendors).

Our interactive on-screen instructions walk customers through digital processes in any browser-based software step by step in real-time, making it easy and quick for them to reach their goals. Userlane makes it faster for staff and customers to get started, cuts down on support tickets and costs (by up to 75%), and makes users happier and more productive. Our DAP is the best choice for companies that want to automate and expand their software training and support for a globally distributed workforce.

4. Spekit


With the best Digital Adoption Platform Software and enablement platform on the market, you can help your staff learn and increase their productivity. Spekit is a digital companion and in-app learning tool that helps employees learn how to use new tools and deal with process changes by giving them access to answers and resources in real-time. It is a lightweight yet powerful solution for ongoing employee training and was built by sales operations experts for expanding and remote teams. It combines the complexity of a modern platform for digital adoption with the ease of a contextual knowledge base.

Everywhere you work, Spekit reinforces information, FAQs, playbooks, battle cards, and more. Send in-app notifications anywhere in Chrome or Edge in less than 30 seconds to let your employees know about new procedures, tell them about changes, get them set up, and help your business grow. Self-guided learning can help you increase adoption.

5. Newired


By allowing people to study and perform on the move, Newired enables businesses to lead users to resources and answers for nearly any online application. We must not lose sight of the fact that digital is, first and foremost, about people. Newired makes technology and software more accessible by substituting contextual in-place assistance and support for any disconnected documentation, lessons, or training. Newired helps users learn how to use complicated internal applications by giving them guidance right where they are. This way, users can learn by doing until they understand it and are comfortable with hard content. Newired may be installed without modifying the code on any web-based application or website, and it can be customized to match the demands of clients.

6. OnScreen


OnScreen is the best Digital Adoption Platform Software (DAP) for SAP and other browser-based business applications. With just-in-time OnScreen assistance, you can improve process efficiency and user productivity. Optimize SAP onboarding, increase employee productivity, and save up to 50% on training expenses. With in-app walkthroughs for SAP ECC, S4HANA, or any enterprise application, you can turn business users into super users. OnScreen is praised for its ease of use and simplicity. In just a few minutes, any subject matter expert or trainer can make and manage content. OnScreen uses live overlays to help users navigate any web application, such as SAP, Salesforce, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Workday, Dynamics, Oracle, and more. OnScreen requires no server installation or maintenance and takes only a few minutes to get up and running. OnScreen is for enterprises looking for a flexible Digital Adoption Platform Software that grows to assure a strong return on investment.

7. FlowShare


FlowShare® captures every action you perform in any piece of software and converts it into a branded process manual that you can use to teach your employees. FlowShare is a one-of-a-kind documentation tool that works in the background, automatically recording every action you do and generating step-by-step instructions for your employees to learn difficult jobs and procedures. It’s quick, completing your paperwork in hours rather than days or weeks, compatible with any sort of Windows software, and saves time and money on employee training. You receive easy-to-distribute correct data, and all of your guides look excellent regardless of who generates them!

8. BrainStorm QuickHelp

BrainStorm QuickHelp

Why settle for a software training platform that treats all of your users the same when every business faces different user adoption challenges? BrainStorm has a learning solution for every type of learner, from the nervous newcomer to the hesitant adopter to the hands-on power user. Brainstorm QuickHelpTM is an unbeatable way to learn because it combines expert content knowledge with an intelligent platform. Its goal is to change the way people learn to use technology. Our highly customized change management strategy helps you keep customers from getting upset, lighten the load on IT, and help businesses reach their goals.

We think that tiny adjustments can have a huge impact, so we provide smart, bite-size advice tailored to each person’s learning style and work function. Our curriculum is grounded in real-world business circumstances, so users learn to do more than just accept their software; they learn to operate it more effectively.

9. Intellum Platform

Intellum Platform

What happens when the finest of customer experience and the greatest of customer education come together? Revenue is generated. Retention occurs. Amazing things occur. The Intellum Platform consists of the following components: At the heart of our service is the Intellum platform, which has all the tools you need to build, present, manage, measure, and improve highly personalized learning experiences for customers, partners, and even workers. You can build exams, quizzes, and NPS surveys straight inside Intellum, and you can publish your own material as rapidly as you can write a blog post.

Any file, paper, presentation, link, or video can be turned into a trackable, reportable learning activity using our unique Open Asset methodology. Our fully customized solution lets you give each user the right information at the right time, without much trouble from logging in or proving who they are. Personalization, suggestions, requirements, certifications, mobile access, chat, and other engagement strategies should all be used.

10. Simpo


Communicate with users directly from your app. Simpo allows you to give training and information to your users in a variety of ways, from automated announcements to in-app walkthroughs. No technical knowledge is required. You’ll have the independence and control you need to complete tasks quickly. Simpo is a simple solution that sits on top of your software and allows you to quickly generate, update, and send data. At the time of need, push notifications, knowledge, and surveys directly to users directly within the software they presently use.

There’s no need to wait for them to check emails or remember hours of training. Simpo allows you to save time and money by automating the onboarding process and utilizing step-by-step walkthroughs to teach current and new users. Simpo lets you do surveys and figure out NPS to learn more about how people feel about software and get useful feedback.

11. Nickelled


Nickelled, a piece of software designed to make product tours easier for new users, could turn them into loyal customers. Nickelled lets businesses of all sizes and types quickly create code-free walkthroughs that help every user get started and convert. The solution includes, among other things, an easy-to-use plugin for creating instructions on any website, analytics to track how users interact with guides, and connectors with major live chat, helpdesk, and email systems.

12. FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware is a business process management tool that enables companies to create process-driven applications quickly. FlowCentric Processware lets users take care of complicated business processes that involve a lot of devices, platforms, and departments. There are also activity monitoring dashboards in FlowCentric Processware, which help customers learn more about their processes. Businesses that want to embrace digital transformation, grow quickly and get results should use FlowCentric Processware.

Businesses use FlowCentric Processware to make process-driven solutions that are flexible, extend the life of ERP systems, and act on data from IoT devices. The software is ideal for businesses with more than 100 employees looking to digitize a limitless number of operations, increase operational efficiency, and impose regulatory restrictions.

13. Userlist


customer messaging that is based on the customer’s behavior. It’s ideal for your SaaS. Targeted behavior-based advertising can help you onboard and engage your SaaS consumers. Use the right channel, like email or in-app messaging, to give your customers the information they need when they need it most. Automated behavior-based marketing will help you onboard your users. Provide the appropriate information at the appropriate time. Set up automatic email campaigns depending on what your customers do (or don’t do) in your app. Choose the best delivery method for each message: email or in-app communications.

Organize your users into groups depending on their actions. Send out one-time broadcasts to reveal new features and make announcements. You may use built-in campaign templates to avoid having to start from scratch. A basic admin dashboard allows you to view your user profiles. Add filters or go right to individual user profiles to see all of their events and properties.

14. Mesh Intranet

Mesh Intranet

For A Modern Digital Workplace, An AI-Powered Autonomous Digital Intranet Solution Leveraging Cognitive And Ml Services To Bring In An Intelligent User Experience

15. Inline Manual

Inline Manual

Using the Digital Adoption Platform Software, you can add interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, polls, and help articles right to your app. Increase adoption and conversion rates while lowering churn by guiding consumers through your offering. Make your software more appealing and your business will grow faster. instantly You can get a faster return on your software investment by automating the training of your employees and making them more productive. Reduce the amount of work your internal helpdesk has to do. To bring users to their targeted goals faster, guide them via your application. Notify your users wherever they are in the app about training, downtimes, or product upgrades. Tooltips that clarify what your users are expected to perform with your software will help them. Notify your users wherever they are in the app about training, downtimes, or product upgrades. By directly asking your users, you can find out how you’re performing and what your application’s bottlenecks are.

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