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Invoca offers AI-powered call tracking and analytics solutions to enterprise marketers who require data and attribution for inbound phone call campaigns. Invoca call analytics provides real-time data that enables marketers to make informed decisions based on what occurs during inbound phone calls. When a company uses Invoca, their marketing return on investment (ROI) goes up by a lot, they get more calls from customers that bring in money, their conversion rates go up, and they can give more personalised calls to customers based on what they know about them online. See Alternatives – 16 Best Conversation Intelligence Software In 2022.

Key Advantages of Using Invoca

18 Best Invoca Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

Here are some of the best Invoca alternatives for call analysis and tracking.

#1. Marchex

Marchex Invoca alternative is a leading conversational analytics company that connects your company’s voice to the voice of the customer. We provide AI-driven insights and solutions to assist businesses in locating, engaging, and nurturing their most valuable customers via voice and text-based communication channels. Marchex uses its own data and insights from conversations to come up with real-time solutions that brands can use to make their interactions with customers more personal.

#2. Ringba

Ringba, a call tracking and analytics platform, enables its users to manage their call flow and optimise business performance through real-time reporting and analysis. This inbound call tracking platform meets the needs of marketers, brands, and pay-per-calls based on their business practices. Ringba has many useful features, such as call tracking, interactive voice response, and ring tree, that all work together to make things happen in a useful way. Its on-demand global access enables users to connect and interact with customers from more than 60 countries. Ringba also achieves the highest possible call average through multiple advertising channels in real-time, thanks to intelligent call routing. Its cutting-edge analytical technology lets users get useful information from the data they have and make services that work well together as a result. It’s a great alternative to Invoca.

#3. CallRail

CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics software designed for companies that rely on new customers, quality phone calls, and leads to growth. The software includes a call tracking feature that allows users to monitor a wide range of online activities such as PPC ads, social media posts, emails, and keywords. It also allows businesses to obtain the name, location, and phone number of each lead. Furthermore, CallRail’s lead centre feature allows businesses to message, call, and monitor all of their contacts in one place. Another feature of the software that allows users to automate call transcriptions with AI-powered analysis is conversation intelligence. Furthermore, businesses can track web form submissions as well as phone calls. CallRail also provides real-time insights that businesses require to accelerate growth. It is also the best Invoca alternative.

#4. Gong

Another alternative to Invoca. Gong is a piece of software that helps businesses manage their remote sales and sales teams. It provides users with critical insights into what’s going on with their remote sales team, deals, and market. The built-in Revenue Intelligence technology allows users to operate on facts rather than opinions. This technology allows users to determine which deals are genuine. Gong automatically records customer interactions and provides users with insights that assist them in identifying deal risks and taking appropriate action if necessary. Users can use the software to coach their team to more successful finishes. It enables users to replicate the actions of their best reps and transform their teams into quota-busting super sellers. Users can use this software to learn about what is going on in their market and about shifting sentiments in their accounts.

#5. iovox

Another great alternative to Invoca. The iovox software platform is used to generate inbound and outbound calls. The software lets you tag calls, take notes, record, transcribe, and search previous conversations. To automate workflows, increase team collaboration and share call notes in real-time. With iovox’s mobile call tracking, you can protect your privacy while increasing productivity.

#6. Calltouch

Data that is accurate about the performance of advertising channels, campaigns, and keywords. accounting for all types of requests, including phone calls, online applications, chats, baskets, and so on. Phone call scoring and sentiment analysis are automated. A conversion funnel that goes from ad impressions to sales and ROI. It’s the best Invoca alternative for call tracking.

#7. Qooqie

Qooqie is an intelligent call tracker that also provides detailed call conversion insights. This is critical so that clients can make informed decisions based on complete and accurate conversion data. Qooqie provides useful call tracking statistics that are important to include in marketing reports. It also helps client organisations narrow down marketing strategies by leveraging powerful insights. Complete and informative insights allow authorities to investigate the reasons for their high number of calls and conversions. This software is easy to add to the system, which makes it easy to use its powerful tools and techniques. It is also a great Invoca alternative.


Another Invoca competitor. By providing smart communication features and KPIs, is a toll-free number service provider platform that allows you to improve and simplify the way your company communicates. It offers smart business tools and virtual toll-free numbers to improve your customer service and marketing efforts. You can find, buy, and activate your one-of-a-kind toll-free phone number with All calls to your 800 number can be forwarded to your mobile phone. You can use your cell phone, landline, work phone, or any other number as the receiving line for a forwarded call. You can block known spammers, eliminate interruptions, and free up your time by using the platform’s call blocking feature. You can also ensure that all the data entered is saved with each phone number.

#9. YouMail

YouMail Invoca competitor is a visual voicemail app that allows users to listen to, view, and organise voicemail messages across multiple devices. It is capable of preventing robocalls and also provides a custom manual call blocking option. Users can identify unknown missed calls using YouMail’s caller ID identification feature. Furthermore, businesses or individuals can impress their callers with personalised voicemail greetings recorded in their own voice. As a premium member of the app, users can protect their privacy by using a secondary phone number that is directly forwarded to voicemail. YouMail also has a feature-packed auto-attendant option that lets you do things like route calls, forward calls, and add extensions.

#10. Callback24

You can get new customers by using the Callback24 feature! CTA buttons can assist you in generating new leads (Call-To-Action). It integrates with the majority of CRM systems, as well as Facebook Lead Ads, Google Analytics, and other third-party apps. Analyze data, keep track of calls, record them, and make service improvements. It increases the number of calls by 10% to 30%, effectively calls to action via widgets, popups, and exit popups; allows you to call the client back in 15 seconds; acquires potential customers outside of business hours (option to schedule a call); and the customer sees your phone number rather than a random one. It helps to optimise advertising efforts. displays the client’s purchasing paths, reduces the cost of customer acquisition (CPC), and analyses the collected data to determine which campaigns are effective and bring in more conversions. Callback24 is also a great Invoca alternative.

#11. Alloka

Alloka software is a platform for tracking phone call conversions in real time. It is an inbound call tracking programme. It has features that allow you to track the advertising sources of messages delivered to your public email account. Email tracking can be used with any call tracking plan. With Alloka, you can listen to any call recording and export reports in Excel or CSV format in minutes. Advertisement sources for messages sent to your public email address can be tracked. That is, they are referring to the address that is typically displayed on the “Contact” page of a website. The method adds unique digit parameters to your email address. This lets the system show the UTM parameters and referral of any email message sent from your website.

#12. SIClytics

SIClytics is intended to track incoming and outgoing calls made through user telecom accounts with approved SIP vendors. We have created a strong system that focuses on conversion, compliance, and functionality. SIClytics’ mission is to bring Fortune 500 features and functions to small and medium-sized businesses. In short, our call tracking services assist in accurately measuring user ROI.

#13. Trailhub

Call tracking is a tool for tracking phone calls from both online and offline sources. You will discover what causes the phone to ring. The goal is to streamline and optimise marketing channels in order to maximise the marketing budget’s benefits. With razor-sharp facts in hand, you’re ready to clean up and invest where it will benefit your business the most. Call tracking has numerous application possibilities, and there are almost no limitations to how call tracking can be used across platforms. The main benefit of call tracking is that calls are saved as conversions and, depending on the medium, a variety of valuable data is saved.

#14. Outleads

Outleads is a user-friendly CRM and contact centre data onboarding software that assists businesses in a seamless manner. Users can import contact centre and CRM data directly into their AdWords and Google Analytics platforms, allowing for seamless conversion attribution and on-the-go retargeting. Outleads also provides real-time integration with third-party platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, AgileCRM, Salesforce, MailChimp, GetResponse, and others, enabling seamless business process outcomes. It includes cutting-edge call tracking technology, giving teams access to 100% autopilot mode once the setup procedure is completed. Companies can also get detailed analysis on the go that combines metrics about sales and e-commerce transactions.

#15. WildJar

The WildJar platform is used to attribute, automate, and optimise inbound phone leads. The software includes tools for recording phone leads as well as custom tags for reporting on call conversions. Attribute the digital journey of the visitor to the exact keywords that triggered the customer’s search behaviour. Integrate with reporting tools to calculate the return on marketing and advertising spending. It is compatible with Zapier.

#16. TrackMyAd

TrackMyAd provides users with clear, immediate, and detailed information on which ads are working for them, how their agents are performing, and how much it costs them for the results they are receiving. Before answering the phone, user agents use our web-based agent panel or an audible intro message to determine which ad each call is for. The web panel, which updates in real time as calls come in, provides detailed ad information as well as simple results and notes.

#17. PROIntel

PROIntel is a custom monitoring and tracking system that uses advanced data analytics to improve marketing strategies and measure the success of campaigns.

#18. Zigglio

Zigglio is an innovative solution that allows clients to target inactive leads via various social media platforms. Retargeting offline callers is an excellent strategy for increasing sales or, at the very least, initiating the process. Zigglio’s features are all business-oriented and aimed at converting offline leads into prospective ones. As a result, the conversion rate of inbound call campaigns increases. Clients can use audience automation to create custom sets of audiences, most of which are based on high matching rates. By using relevant keywords, keyword segmentation enables client authorities to categorise these groups of audiences based on their needs. After that, these customers can be retargeted with specific products and services that may meet their needs and get them to invest in them.


What is the purpose of Invoca?

With its Offline Conversions integration, Invoca assists you in optimising paid search in Google Ads. This is accomplished by providing closed-loop attribution for phone calls and conversions generated by your paid search and display campaigns.

Is Invoca a good place to work?

Invoca employees rate the company as a great place to work 98% of the time, compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Global Employee Engagement Study 2021 by Great Place to Work®People here are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. Our customers would describe our service as “excellent.”

Invoca has how many employees?

We’ve grown from a one-room office to three offices and over 350 employees who are passionate, work hard and know how to have fun both inside and outside the office.

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