Site icon Tech Spider Alternatives – 16 Best Conversation Intelligence Software In 2022 is a Conversation Intelligence solution that is part of ZoomInfo’s (NASDAQ: ZI) go-to-market software, data, and intelligence offering, with over 20,000 users worldwide. By analysing sales meetings,, founded in 2015, identifies and assists revenue teams in replicating the performance of top-performing reps. These insights are intended to serve as the foundation for an effective coaching strategy for sales and customer success teams, as well as to provide insight into the customer voice across the entire organisation. According to the vendor, customers such as Zoom, Mavenlink, Qualtrics, Adobe, TripActions, and GitLab ramp new hires to productivity 30-50% faster and see a 20–100% increase in quota attainment. has offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Boston, Toronto, and Salt Lake City, among other locations. See 18 Best Tray io Competitors & Alternatives In 2022 – Techspider. Advantages

16 Best Conversation Intelligence Software Solution

following is the list of the best Alternatives to software.


AVOXI Genius is the first low-cost cloud-based call centre software platform that can be integrated with your existing contact centre solution. Manage your business communications from anywhere in the world with phone numbers in 170+ countries. It is a finest alternative to

#2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) is a call centre solution that is hosted in the cloud. Your business call centre can be up and running in 2 minutes. You can concentrate solely on growing your business without having to deal with the complexities of running a call centre. Its a great competitor and alternative to

#3. MightyCall

Another alternative to MightyCall is a cloud-based call centre management system that handles incoming calls, toll-free numbers, local and vanity numbers, voicemails, and other functions. By assisting, the user can receive and make phone calls via web browsers and mobile apps.

#4. CallHippo

Another great Alternative. CallHippo is the most powerful and user-friendly VoIP-based virtual phone system that boosts business productivity and sales engagement.

#5. CloudTalk

Another site like CloudTalk is a full-featured call centre software designed for agencies and small businesses. CloudTalk offers comprehensive Macintosh solutions. Call Center features like Queue Management, Predictive Dialer, Call Recording, Contact Management, and VoIP are all available through this online call centre system.

#6. Convoso

Convoso is a cloud-based call centre management solution. Having a strong and dependable tool for the contact platform is key. Improve conversion time and deliver instant services to increase sales productivity. It is also a great conversation intelligence software and alternative to

#7. MyOperator

Save a lot of money on your business phone bills. Set up your complete call management, IVR, and toll-free number on MyOperator with unlimited users. Awarded a SoftwareSuggest high-performer in 2022.7500+ brands rely on us.

#8. LiveAgent

LiveAgent alternative is a complete help-desk and live-chat software solution. LiveAgent lets you combine all of your communication channels into a single inbox that everyone on your customer service team can use.


MCUBE is a cutting-edge cloud-based call centre solution that improves sales productivity and customer experience. MCUBE Cloud Telephony Solutions make it easier and more affordable for your business to manage inbound voice calls automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

#10. Servetel

Servetel is India’s leading cloud telephony service provider, providing cloud telephony solutions for all of your business needs. We energise your business communication with our cost-effective, innovative, and convenient cloud solutions.

#11. Knowlarity

Knowlarity is a leading provider of cloud telephony solutions in India, enabling streamlined business communication on the cloud. By using cloud solutions, the traditional contact centre will be turned into a smarter virtual calling platform.

#12. Exotel

Exotel is Asia’s largest cloud communication platform, serving 4000+ businesses in India and Southeast Asia via calls and SMS for sales and support teams. You can set up a reliable and scalable solution for businesses of any size in 30 minutes.

#13. Clixtell

Clixtell’s call tracking and click fraud protection software offers sophisticated solutions to businesses and digital marketing agencies. Clixtell helps protect and improve PPC campaigns by keeping track of calls, increasing sales and profits, and keeping customers longer.

#14. Avaya

Avaya improves contact centre operations to provide a better customer experience. It improves agent productivity by streamlining contact centre operations.

#15. Ameyo Customer Service

Ameyo’s Contact Center Software improves first-call resolution and significantly reduces agent idle time, increasing overall productivity. Ameyo provides CX-rich solutions that are simple to use and agent-friendly, yet affordable.

#16. Aavaz

Aavaz Call Center software provides a cost-effective inbound, outbound, and blended call centre platform that is scalable. It has many features that are designed to meet the needs of the marketing, sales, and customer service departments.


What exactly does chorus.AI do? offers a simple, scalable solution for recording and analysing all customer calls, meetings, and emails in order to increase visibility, drive process and behaviour changes and deliver bottom-line impact.

What is the effect?

In music, a is heard when one instrument or voice plays a note and another note follows it with (almost) the same pitch and time. Because of the nature of voices and instruments, no two notes will be exactly the same pitch, resulting in a rich, wide sound known as a

What is the definition of chorus.AI zoom? is a Conversation Intelligence Platform that records, transcribes, and analyses business conversations in real-time in order to coach sales reps on exceeding their quota. Our deal-centric approach ensures that you analyse conversations, onboard, and coach reps on the pipeline, forecast, and revenue.

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