What Is Email Hosting? Best Email Hosting Provider For Business

Email hosting is a service that stores your email messages and associated data on a server. When you receive an email to the domain address of your website, the email is routed via the internet and stored on the receiver server. At this stage, the server administrators will decide whether to respond or ignore, taking into account any spam filters, re-routing requests, and whether the sender is on any blacklists.

The hosting server Email can be hosted on the same server as your website, on a server controlled by another host, or on two separate servers managed by the same hosting firm. Email hosting providers may specialise in providing simple email hosting services, but it is increasingly common these days for businesses to provide bundled email and web hosting packages. See 16 Canned Response Examples For Customer Service Tickets. 

Who Manages Email Hosting?

We indicated that you may host a website and get email hosting from the same service, but you may want to use separate providers for each operation. Having a dedicated email server gives organisations significantly greater storage capacity, reducing the need to delete emails. There was a time when getting your email address from your internet service provider (such as AOL) was sufficient.

We eventually became more comfortable with the concept of owning a domain and hosting package together with a branded email account (often for free). Most free email providers, such as Google, provide basic email, but you are limited to their domain, which does not convey a professional tone for communication.

Small firms used to host their web and email servers on the same server, whereas bigger enterprises used separate web and email servers. Previously, splitting the services like this required in-house mail servers and IT workers, but in recent years, many firms have reaped the benefits of dedicated email hosting by adopting cloud services.

How do you pick the finest email hosting service for you?

For a long time, email has been the primary means of communication on the internet. Therefore, it’s only natural that you join up with the top email hosting company to provide quality email hosting services.

One of the first things you should look for in an email hosting company is safety and security. Because some emails sent between organisations include very sensitive data, you should consider using a hosting solution that can secure the content of your email from potential cyber assaults.

You must also pick how your email will be hosted, which might be through third-party email hosting, shared web and email hosting, or even self-hosted email.

It’s also critical to choose an email hosting service that provides flexibility and 24-hour customer support. The ability to customise your email settings should be available from the email hosting service you pick.

Finally, while selecting the best email hosting provider for you, keep storage and uptime in mind. Look for an email hosting provider that allows you to save all of your data in one location and that can automatically migrate outdated messages into the archive. You should also choose an email host that guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Best Email Hosting Services Providers In 2022

Here We Listed Some of the best email hosting services providers.

#1. Hostinger

email hosting

Hostinger, like Bluehost, provides email hosting with a twist, providing the simple Titan interface to make it easy to use, send, and find your emails. This also features a calendar app for simple organisation and scheduling, and the entire experience is mobile-friendly. Additionally, video integration for conferencing is provided, making it especially handy for corporate use.

There are two primary plans to choose from, both of which include up to 50 email aliases, antivirus scanning, and multi-device compatibility.

The business email hosting package includes 10GB of storage and two mail filters for $0.99 per mailbox each month. For just $2.49 per month, the Enterprise email hosting plan expands these limits to 30 GB of storage and unlimited mail filters.

Overall, the Hostinger email hosting plan provides simplicity while being usable at a low cost. Hostinger provides email and site hosting on one dashboard, as well as a powerful search tool using Titan and overall excellent email security.

#2. Zoho Mail

email hosting

Zoho Hosted Mail is a hosted email service that includes an online office suite and a slew of other features. Offline Mode, undo mail, recall mail, big files (up to 250MB), audio/video calls, and a few more new features were launched by Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail also includes an IMAP client, which allows you to configure, sync, and manage your other email accounts over IMAP.

A free subscription includes five mailboxes with up to 5GB of storage space per user, a 25MB attachment limit, and webmail access. A referral system might gain you assistance for an additional 25 mailboxes (the referral programme was unavailable at the time of writing due to renovation).

If that’s too basic for you, the standard plan includes IMAP and POP compatibility, 500MB attachments and 30GB of storage, 5GB of file storage space, and the ability to operate with several domains. This is more competent than some of the premium rivals, has the same productivity features as the free suite, and costs only $3 per user per month, payable annually.

Zoho entered the list of the top email hosting companies because its Professional plan includes 100GB of storage (per user), 1GB of attachments, Active Directory group compatibility, and other features. It’s yours for $6 per user each month (paid yearly), which isn’t awful given the amount of storage space and services you get. In addition, a Lite account with fewer capabilities is offered for $1 per user per month, payable annually.

#3. Bluehost

email hosting

Consider this if you have a tiny business with a modest staff and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on email accounts. Bluehost has created a unique business email package for TechRadar readers, which includes unlimited email accounts and email storage when you sign up for the Plus and Choice Plus plans. Is it, however, actually limitless?

According to Bluehost, no official restrictions are imposed. Furthermore, they state that “although email account creation is limitless, these are restricted by the amount of file storage allowed on the account.” As a result, users must follow the terms of service to guarantee that resources are available to properly enable email functionality. Customers that follow the terms of service have yet to encounter technological limitations for email, domains, or websites. “

So, what’s the catch? For starters, while you receive POP3 and IMAP4 as well as 24/7 assistance, this is a more basic service. Horde, Roundcube, or Squirrelmail are the three webmail clients available (the equivalent of or

Of course, you may configure an email client, such as Mail for Windows 10 or Mozilla Thunderbird, to read your emails when offline. A simple user interface makes creating a new email address a breeze.

#4. Dreamhost

email hosting

Dreamhost provides solo email hosting as one of the many packages available from this well-established web hosting services provider.

Dreamhost’s email hosting comes with 25GB of storage and the option to sync emails between desktop and mobile devices. There is also an ad-free webmail software platform integrated.

Another crucial element is a clever anti-spam filter, which ensures the filtering of spam communications as well as viruses, malware, and phishing assaults. The filter adapts to new threats, ensuring that you are always protected.

There are several significant benefits to having your own hosted email account. The first benefit is that it remains linked to your company domain name, making it appear considerably more professional than a free email account.

Furthermore, it means you have total control over your data and that your emails will not be automatically scanned to give advertisements to you, as is all too common with cheap email services.

#5. Google Workspace

email hosting

G Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is a market-leading supplier of email services. It’s essentially a more professional, sophisticated version of Gmail designed just for business email.

You may also use G Workspace to build a professional email with your domain name and combine it with collaborative tools. Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, and other services fall under this category.

#6. Scala Hosting

email hosting

Scala Hosting provides a variety of corporate email hosting services with hefty storage allowances that few competitors can match. There are also other essential security features for corporate email users.

For starters, there is a spam filter that claims to stop 99.98 per cent of spam emails. To keep you safe from malicious behaviour, there is additional security against brute force assaults. For enhanced protection, the email server encrypts your emails using SSL protocols. Because the email interface is web-based, you may access it from both your desktop and mobile devices.

ng plans available, with storage ranging from 50GB to 150GB, ten to infinite email boxes, and one to unlimited email domains. Spam prevention and POP3/IMAP/SMTP are included in all plans.

Pricing starts at $2.95 per month and goes up to $9.95 per month for the most costly option. These are, however, initial pricing options, with renewals ranging from $3.95 to $19.95.


email hosting is a web-based email company that provides both free and premium email accounts. It features an infinite amount of storage, calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Furthermore, it provides users with access to over 200 domains for post@ email addresses. also includes an online document editor and cloud storage.

#8. Microsoft Outlook

email hosting

Another prominent email service provider is Microsoft Outlook. Overall, it is one of the finest email providers if you want to integrate numerous apps.

Outlook allows you to connect to a variety of apps, including Teams, Skype, Facebook, Trello, and others in this list. It provides 15 GB of free storage per user, in addition to its clean, user-friendly layout.

#9. Rackspace

email hosting

Rackspace is a cloud-based internet service company that provides webmail. It works well with Outlook and other major desktop email applications.

Rackspace also provides additional business-related services. Web hosting, cloud computing, and managed IT services are examples of these. Rackspace may also be able to assist you in centralising your professional services.

#10. Proton

email hosting

Proton is a Swiss-based encrypted webmail provider that stresses privacy and data protection. Furthermore, Proton offers its subscribers free open-source email accounts.

Furthermore, Proton may be upgraded for premium support and further functionality. It is very simple to use because it does not require any programme installation. It’s important to emphasise Proton’s anonymous sign-up because it’s one of the few email providers that doesn’t require much (read: any) identifying information about you, your users, or your brand in order to start sending email.

#11. IceWarp

email hosting

You may create a business email account using IceWarp, a cloud-based email and collaboration platform. You may use it to manage calendars, conversations, and other services. Overall, these features serve to increase productivity and improve communication among team members.

#12. Yahoo Mail

email hosting

Yahoo Mail is a free-to-use email service offered by Yahoo. It provides four email options and an amazing 1 TB of storage. As a result, it’s an ideal solution for creatives who exchange enormous amounts of materials on a daily basis. It also has an easy-to-use UI with customisable themes.

#13. iCloud Mail 

email hosting

Apple’s iCloud Mail is a free email service that lets you send and receive emails from any device. iCloud Mail is compatible with all of Apple’s iCloud services. As a result, you can easily sync your contacts, calendars, and files between devices using this feature. Furthermore, it is incredibly secure and includes various safeguards that assist in protecting your privacy.

#14. GMX

email hosting

GMX Email provides a dependable email solution for both organisations and individuals. It offers customers a large amount of storage space, an easy-to-use interface, and robust security measures.

Although GMX Email is not as well-known as the other alternatives on our list, it has been in operation for over 20 years. Furthermore, for a free service, it provides notable and dependable features.

#15. Fastmail


Fastmail’s workplace email service prioritises privacy. Your information will be kept secure and will never be shared with advertising. Fastmail also has a number of sophisticated features, such as:

  • Mobile apps: With a smartphone or tablet app, you can access your email from anywhere.
  • Email message pins: pin messages to the top of your inbox that you have yet to read or respond to.

#16. Microsoft Office 365

email hosting

Microsoft Office 365 includes a custom-branded email hosting service as part of its all-in-one office suite. It links directly to Outlook, eliminating the need to learn a completely new email client interface from the beginning. Integrated also allows you to automate a variety of unique actions with other apps! Office 365 also provides the following additional features:

  • Cloud storage: With OneDrive for Business, you get 1 TB of cloud storage.
  • The Microsoft Office suite Use familiar Office tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to work on documents.


How do we evaluate the top email hosting services?

We assess email hosting services by signing up for each service and testing the flexibility, availability, support, and security elements of the product, focusing on the primary criteria we mentioned above.

A competent email hosting company will be able to satisfy all of your demands in these areas and will also provide some form of 24/7 customer support if something goes wrong or you have a question regarding the service.

We also put some of the extra features that email hosting providers offer to the test in order to boost your business’s performance. We also examine the sending restrictions established by each service to see how many files and attachments you may send. If you wish to send significantly larger documents, several email hosting services have file-sharing features.

Do you require email hosting?

You can set up a professional email account without a website, and you can do it with or without web hosting. However, if you want email hosting, you must first obtain a domain name.

Is it possible to host my own email domain?

Email domains enable you to create an email address with the @company name using your own company or brand name. You may either purchase an email domain or acquire a free email domain for your company when you construct a website.

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