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Tray io is an advanced integration tool that believes every business should embrace automation. They have been in the market for a long time and have served a large number of customers.

Well, as time and technology progressed, more and better automation tools for workflow simplification emerged. Tray io will not be the best fit for you if you are new and just getting started.

It does have some shortcomings that may not completely meet your expectations of an automation tool. As a result, it is advised to look into Tray io alternatives.

It’s no surprise that we all want a fantastic user experience, a straightforward process, and a solution-oriented tool. That is not the case with Tray io. Although it is well-liked by many, it might not be the best fit for you. especially if you are not very tech-savvy. See Top 23 Highspot Competitors & Alternatives For Business Growth. Advantages

  • Machine Learning/AI
  • API
  • Integration of Cloud Data
  • Data Management on the Dashboard
  • Control of Data Quality
  • Data Safety
  • “Drag and Drop”
  • ETL Graphical Workflow Editor Integration Management
  • Several data sources are
  • Prefabricated Connectors
  • Workflow Management for Web Services

Top 18 Best Tray io Alternatives In 2022

Here is the list of best sites like tray io for the growth of your business.

#1. Exalate

Tray io

Exalate is the most complete and flexible automation solution for issue trackers, task management systems, and service desks that is currently available.

Exalate facilitates cross-tracker collaboration. Internal and external teams can use it for any type of collaboration. Exalate has the ability to connect everything that is useful. It is a great competitor to Tray io.

#2. CloudHQ

Tray io

CloudHQ is a cloud-based email management service for individuals and teams. You can manage your emails, contacts, documents, and calendar entries all in one place with cloudHQ. You can also use their backup solutions to sync files with secure encrypted storage and keep your data safe at all times. This Software is also a great alternative to Tray io.

#3. Integrately

Tray io

Another Competitor to Tray io. Integrately is an extremely effective automation tool. Its primary goal is to provide ready-to-use ‘1-click’ automation that requires no work to set up.

It is one of’s or even Zapier’s most cost-effective alternatives, costing 18 times less. It has a “zero” learning curve and an extremely user-friendly UX. So, even if you are not a technical person, you will be able to easily create automation.

#4. Workato

Tray io

Another great alternative to Tray io. The most popular enterprise automation platform is Workato. IT and business teams can use it to connect apps and streamline business processes while maintaining security and governance. Business events can also provide tangible results for businesses.

#5. Locoia

Tray io

Locoia alternative to Tray iois a Germany-based all-in-one integration and automation platform (iPaaS) tailored to the European market’s unique data protection and GDPR-compliance requirements. Through our user-friendly API, which is hosted on local servers, we provide you with a variety of functions for managing your business processes independently and at high speed. Our platform enables you to integrate your infrastructure in a matter of seconds.

#6. Outfunnel

Tray io

Outfunnel is a tool that helps sales and marketing teams work together better by syncing customer data across all of their favorite marketing tools, such as CRM, email, and social media.

It allows you to track all of your marketing efforts in one place by connecting different technologies, making it easier for sales and marketing teams to collaborate. It is a great alternative to Tray io for your business.

#7. eLegere 

Tray io

Another great competitor to Tray io. eLegere is a low-code platform that assists in the conversion of business processes and operational data into centralized digital assets. Vesenda developed this innovative Smart Operational Process (SOP) management solution to govern distributed data and shadow operational processes. eLegere makes web and mobile collaborative applications for data collection, integration, validation, and exchange simply to set up. Leading companies in a variety of industries, including fashion and luxury, automotives, finance, government and utilities, logistics, facility management, retail, real estate, pharma, and consumer goods, have successfully implemented it. eLegere is made for managers in any business function who need to quickly control different types of processes, such as purchase requisition approval, asset management, sell-in/sell-out data collection, budgeting, and more.

#8. Cyclr

Tray io

Cyclr is a SaaS application and an app developer-friendly embedded iPaaS platform. The low-code integration toolkit allows you to create, manage, and publish self-service, in-app integrations between your application and hundreds of other third-party SaaS platforms in a matter of minutes. The drag-and-drop integration builder makes integration building accessible to your entire team, allowing connectivity requests to be fulfilled at the point of need by customer success, sales, and marketing teams, as well as developers. Cyclr grows with your platform, so you can have as many users install integrations as you want and as many team members access the Cyclr management console as you want. This lets you cut down on sales you lose because of connectivity problems and find new ways to make money.

#9. Jitterbit

Tray io

Jitterbit is a cloud-based business management platform that connects and manages software as a service (SaaS), on-premise, and cloud applications for businesses of all sizes. Jitterbit is a data and application integration suite that lets users manage multiple connections, monitoring, alerts, logging, debugging, live training, local agents, enterprise connections, developer portal creation, cloud agents, agent grouping, custom API creation, OpenAPI documentation, and other features. It also includes Salesforce lightning connect, citizen integrator, studio visual designer, web management console, analytics, live training, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and application programming interface (API) security. Jitterbit allows users to automate business processes by integrating with third-party applications that already have pre-built templates and workflows. The prices for the platform are available upon request, and you can get help by phone, email, or an online help desk.

#10. iPaaS Cloud Workflow

Tray io

iPaaS is a web-based integration platform that enables businesses to connect various applications, accounting systems, big data, popular databases, and other systems. Integration management, multiple data sources, data management, data quality control, and workflow management are all important features. To streamline and automate existing workflows, teams using Cloud Workflow-iPaaS can integrate the system into an API interface, desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. Managers can use the pre-built templates to use out-of-the-box processes and maps for common use cases such as customer relationship management (CRM), data replication, accounting integration, and more. Employees can also automate, manage, and develop complex business processes using the built-in workflow engine. Cloud Workflow: iPaaS supports archiving technologies such as Hive, Cassandra, Amazon Redshift, and others. The platform also supports the operating systems macOS, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

#11. MuleSoft

Tray io

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is a workflow management solution that helps organizations streamline integration, real-time monitoring, business process automation, and other processes from a single platform. It enables employees to design, test, and automate workflows with custom fields, actions, and output in order to improve overall business productivity. The real-time data preview module in MuleSoft Composer allows team members to verify and monitor data pull operations on a centralized platform. Employees can identify and receive integration-related issues by receiving alerts when errors are detected. Supervisors can also check the recent run logs to see the status of workflow and integration at certain dates and times.

#12. Qorus

Tray io

Qore is a platform that allows businesses to easily integrate their in-house, cloud, AI, and operational technology into transaction-sure automation. Qore enables enterprises to quickly bring new services to market by combining simple business process configuration with fault-tolerant orchestration and error recovery. Our no-code scalable solution has no upfront costs or risks with a pay-as-you-go subscription.

#13. Hevo

Tray io

Hevo is a no-code, bi-directional data pipeline platform designed specifically for modern ETL, ELT, and reverse ETL requirements. It enables data teams to streamline and automate org-wide data flows, saving 10 hours of engineering time per week and enabling 10x faster reporting analytics, and decision-making. The platform includes more than 100 ready-to-use integrations for databases, SaaS applications, cloud storage, SDKs, and streaming services. Over 500 data-driven businesses in 35+ countries rely on Hevo for data integration. Try Hevo today and you’ll have fully managed data pipelines up and running in minutes.


Tray io

APPSeCONNECT an enterprise integration platform that integrates on-premise and cloud applications into a single platform. It provides a variety of connectors for applications such as e-commerce, cloud storage, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, shipping, and accounting. Workflow-based process orchestration, rule and action-based integration, protocol adapters, data tracking, error handling, and other features are among the highlights. Users can use APPSeCONNECT to create data-flow processes graphically, as well as view and modify existing workflows via a cloud portal. Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and other applications are supported. It also provides a software development kit and an API library to assist businesses in creating connectors for their own set of applications. APPSeCONNECT is appropriate for small, medium, and large businesses.

#15. Mitto

Tray io

Data analysis across your business solutions should not be this difficult! Mitto by Zuar allows you to automate your ELT/ETL processes and have data flow into a single destination from hundreds of potential sources. Mitto manages transport, warehouse, transformation, modeling, reporting, and monitoring. Furthermore, our experts will ensure that your deployment is quick and painless. Zuar is a market leader in business intelligence solutions for businesses of all sizes. For more information, please contact us.

#16. Alumio

Tray io

Alumio is a no-code, cloud-based iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) for digital commerce. It enables the creation of integrations between two or more systems using a user-friendly interface and no code. Alumio’s iPaaS helps eliminate data silos and accelerate process flows across systems for improved digital growth by centralizing all of your integrations and data on one platform. Alumio is a forward-thinking solution for businesses seeking fast, flexible, and dependable integrations between ERP systems, eCommerce platforms, marketing automation software, and even machine learning and AI solutions. Choosing Alumio means committing to a scalable, secure, and compliant environment for your system and data integrations. Our solution gives you control over your integrations and data, helps you digitalize and automate your business processes, speeds up decision-making, and drives better business outcomes.

#17. Formaloo

Tray io

Create beautiful forms, password-protected databases, and highly customizable business apps all in one place. Formaloo is an all-in-one workspace that combines forms, tables, charts, and many other powerful building blocks to allow users to create their own solutions. Tens of thousands of teams and businesses around the world use Formaloo to collect, organize, and use data, as well as collaborate on it to gain a better understanding of it.

#18. Anypoint

Tray io

The Anypoint Platform is an application development solution for businesses looking to integrate applications, data sources, and devices through the use of application programming interfaces (API). The solution is appropriate for industries such as finance, government, health care, higher education, insurance, telecommunications, and retail. Using pre-built interfaces, the Anytime Connector module allows developers to connect software to various applications. Using the visual-mapping feature, development teams can integrate various applications and define process flows. Users can also map and transform data using joins, pivots, and filters on the platform. The Anypoint Platform is appropriate for organizations that require end-to-end integration and are looking for a solution that combines application management, application connection, and data management. On the platform, REST and SOAP APIs are available for applications like Salesforce, Slack, Workday, Microsoft SharePoint, NetSuite, and SAP.


IS Tray io an ETL tool?

The following are some examples of ETL implementation: Extract data from a source, use Tray io to perform a simple transformation (e.g. set data type), and then load it into a database of your choice.

Is Tray io free and open source?

After putting in place the Tray Platform for sales intelligence and enabling, the open-source cloud pioneer is now working hard to create new automated workflows that integrate more parts of the company’s overall technology stack.

What exactly is a tray connector?

Tray Connectors are built specifically for each app and provide code-free access to any endpoint. Simply drag the connector into your workflow and validate.

What is the function of tray io?

Citizen automation across organizations can use the Tray Platform to easily automate complex processes using a powerful, flexible platform that connects their entire cloud stack via APIs. See how simple it is to integrate and scale the growth and productivity of a business.

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