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16 Best Skilljar Software Alternatives For Learning Management


Skilljar Customer Education is a training platform for users and customers that focuses on external education and getting customers involved.

Customers describe Skilljar as a partner rather than a tool. Skilljar is different from other learning management systems because it puts partner engagement and customer retention ahead of training content. Also, the number of integration options provided by Skilljar is likely its strongest suit.

Skilljar will not force you to start from scratch if you are migrating from another tool. You won’t have to worry about losing your data with over 50 different integrations.

Although this sounds great, it is clear that you must make significant sacrifices in order to fully benefit from the tool when it comes to practice. For example, because the tool prioritises customer experience over learning experience, using Skilljar for long-term training projects may let you down.

Top 16 Alternatives  to Skilljar Software For Learning Management

Here is the list of some of the best competitors & Alternatives to Skilljar for your business.

#1. Adobe Captivate Professional

It is a next-generation learning management system (LMS) that provides personalised learning experiences on multiple devices. Align all of your company’s learning efforts, both online and offline, so that your employees can learn new skills and improve the ones they already have. It’s a great Skilljar alternative software for learning management.

#2. Paradiso LMS 

Paradiso LMS like Skilljar, is a great LMS with a lot of features and an easy-to-use interface. It also integrates with over 100 software products, ranging from leading CRMs to CMSs. The use of Paradiso LMS is successful in small, medium, and large businesses.

#3. TalentLMS

Another Competitor to Skilljar. TalentLMS is an LMS designed specifically for training success. Teams embrace training from the first click because it is simple to manage and enjoyable to use. TalentLMS, which is designed to get a “yes” from everyone, assists businesses in meeting their training objectives.

#4. HRMantra

HRMantra Alternative to Skilljar is the world’s most feature-rich HR and payroll software, allowing you to easily automate the most complex of hire-to-retire HR processes with its thousands of ready-to-use features. It saves 30 minutes per employee per day, resulting in a 10x ROI. Project success is guaranteed.

#5. Zoho People 

Zoho People is a time-management and cloud-based HR software designed to automate your HR processes while focusing on your most valuable asset—your people. It is Developed for small, medium, and large businesses. Zoho is also the finest Skilljar alternative for your business.

#6. SkyPrep

Skyprep is an online training software that has successfully developed to include the ability to upload virtually any type of file as well as build assessments and documents within the platform. We can simply create a course in minutes. It is also the best Skilljar alternative.

#7. ELMO

ELMO like Skilljar, is the best platform for onboarding new employees. It has tools for talent management, workforce research, and effective management of recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance management, progression, and HR Core.

#8. eloomi

eloomi like Skilljar, is a cloud-based platform that combines a learning management system and a personal development tool. eloomi software assists businesses in creating unique and interactive learning experiences, as well as importing existing content. Improve your employees’ abilities while keeping track of their progress.

#9. Graphy

Graphy is software that helps you build and manage online courses. It helps you make high-converting, white-labelled websites and mobile apps that you can use to sell your online courses and digital products.

#10. CoreAchieve

With CoreAchieve, you can subscribe to our e-Learning SaaS platform and begin using it immediately. It is a feature-rich, user-friendly, low-cost application built with cutting-edge technology.

#11. NEO LMS

NEO is an award-winning school and university learning management system. The platform has all of the tools that schools need to help teaching and learning work well.

#12. LearnWorlds

Selling online courses and content is now simple thanks to LearnWorlds’ powerful search engine. This course authoring software’s advanced and built-in 3rd party analytics feature allows a company to sell on multiple platforms.

#13. Tovuti

Tovuti is a full-featured Learning Management System (LMS) designed for startups and agencies. Tovuti offers complete Windows-based solutions. This online Learning Management System has options for Academic/Education, Gamification, Mobile Learning, Corporate/Business, and eCommerce.

#14. Mindflash

The Training Platform designed for the Extended Enterprise creates excellent training courses using existing tools and content. Some examples are PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and video. PowerPoint presentations can be turned into courses with animations that can be accessed from a mobile device.

#15. Moodle

Moodle, as a learning platform, has the potential to improve existing learning environments. Moodle is simple to learn and use thanks to its simple interface, drag-and-drop features, and well-documented resources, as well as ongoing usability improvements. It’s a solid, open-source learning management system.

#16. Blackboard

Blackboard LMS for Business is a full-featured learning management system intended for enterprises and startups. Blackboard LMS for Business provides complete Web App solutions. This online learning management system brings together corporate and business, eCommerce, mobile learning, synchronous learning, and training companies.


Who makes use of Skilljar?

Training managers, customer success managers, customer education teams, and anyone else who needs an LMS or an onboarding platform can use Skilljar Customer Education.

Who is Skilljar’s CEO?

Sandi Lin, a former Amazon employee, is the co-founder and CEO of Skilljar.

Skilljar is owned by whom?

Sandi Lin, the CEO and co-founder, founded Skilljar in 2013 with two other colleagues after leaving her position at Amazon.

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