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15 Best Proposal Software And Reviews in 2022

Proposal Software

Did you know that, for any corporation, Proposal Software are the first step toward success? They provide the groundwork for long-term, mutually beneficial business partnerships while making a good, professional first impression. If you have a persuasive Proposal Software, you are in a strong position to crush the competition and convince potential clients to work with you. In order to manage your business and increase the productivity and efficiency of your corporation, you must have excellent proposal software. There are more than 15 Proposal Software packages available, and if you’re anything like the majority of salespeople, you struggle to decide which one is best for your company. Until you learn anything about another alternative that makes it even more alluring, one tool could appear to be superior to another.

15 Best Proposal Software And Reviews in 2022

What system will enable you to provide the best Proposal Software? The greatest capabilities and features of a few distinct kinds of proposal software applications are highlighted in this article. Following extensive founder interviews, we compiled a list of the most widely used proposal management software systems. Looking to draft a convincing and polished business proposal? We’ll walk you through the top 15 proposed software options in this post for 2022.

What is Proposal Software?

With the use of a technology called proposal automation software, firms may completely automate the proposal process for their sales staff. Proposal automation software allows firms to swiftly produce papers and files in a variety of formats, including PDF. It also lets you track how these papers are used and share them on many different platforms.

Business Proposal Software are crucial, especially if you intend to establish a long-term partnership. Deals will be successfully closed quickly as long as the sales staff continually produces relevant content that is tailored to the demands of each potential customer. Most systems for automating proposals also have other features, such as integrated CPO, CRM, accounting, and e-signature software.

What kinds of proposal software are there?

#1. ConnectWise Sell

A reputable quotation and proposal automation software for IT solution providers is called ConnectWise Sell. IT solution providers may save time, issue more quotes, and earn more with the help of a variety of technologies available from ConnectWise Sell. Professional quotation or proposal templates, product sourcing and catalogs, workflow automation, sales reporting, and connections with best-in-class products like Cisco, Dell, HP, and Salesforce are among the top features.

#2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc eliminates the labor-intensive aspects of document workflow, enabling more than 35,000 expanding businesses to prosper. PandaDoc is a comprehensive document automation platform that speeds up the process of creating, managing, and signing digital documents, including contracts, quotations, agreements, and more for rapidly expanding teams. With its strength, integration, and security, PandaDoc enables business users to quickly produce and distribute customized documents for electronic signature. PandaDoc’s five primary use cases are proposals, quotes, contracts, e-signatures, and forms. Your current software, such as your cloud storage, payment gateway, and CRM, is effortlessly integrated with PandaDoc. We provide assistance for the software programs used by highly productive teams, including Zoom, Canva, Monday, HubSpot, and SalesForce. Furthermore, you can integrate PandaDoc with any specialized software you use thanks to our powerful API and Zapier connection. Visit us at for additional details, including price and product features.

#3. Proteus

The full-featured project management software Proteus was created by energy specialists for the energy industry. In one integrated system, Proteus combines pre-project planning, securing business, resource management, project management, collaboration, project financials, and business intelligence. To remain competitive in a low-margin environment, Proteus helps firms in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors transition from a fixed-cost model to an on-demand approach. Move more quickly, secure more business, complete more projects, and maintain work simplification.

Clients, proposals, projects, invoicing, documentation, inventories, and more are all brought together in one perspective by Proteus on a centralized platform. Proteus significantly increases efficiency through increasing margin management, which reduces costs and enables your business to develop and grow. to maximize value over the course of the project. Obtain greater control, consistency, visibility, and productivity.

#4. EASA

Customers can combine the flexibility and agility of Excel with the ease and security of a low-code platform thanks to EASA. EASA offers a distinctive method for converting pre-existing Excel spreadsheet-based tools into safe, personalized online apps. For usage by internal or external workers, including partners, resellers, suppliers, or customers, these apps can be implemented within a website. Containing EASA, even complex spreadsheets with VB and macros may be used. Spreadsheets are frequently used for CPQ (configure price quote), reporting, financial analytics, engineering calculations, and a variety of other tasks. Your current spreadsheet serves as the web app’s “engine,” obviating the requirement to remove the functionality and reprogram it in a different way. EASA is the logical choice if your business has invested a lot in Excel-based tools like CPQ calculators, insurance raters, engineering, or scientific calculators.

#5. eRep CPQ

Manufacturers and distributors that need to modernize their cumbersome quotation-to-order processes with a cloud platform are empowered by eRep CPQ (configure price quote) software. With quicker sales rep onboarding, increased business intelligence, and enhanced customer experience, eRep helps sales teams to correctly quote more quickly and sell more intelligently while driving growth. You don’t need to utilize a specific CRM or ERP to benefit from eRep’s CPQ features because it acts as a platform-neutral independent bridge between your CRM and ERP. eRep can assist you in onboarding new reps more quickly, following up on sales activities, and providing managers with insightful information about your sales funnel-even from independent reps! eRep goes above and beyond traditional CPQ by adding selection software and quote-specific product document preparation, such as technical drawings. This makes it the best choice for manufacturers.

#6. XaitPorter 

The industry-standard team co-authoring and document automation software is called XaitPorter. Perfect for intricate bids, suggestions, reports, and other high-impact, high-value documents. adopted by large companies all across the world. A cloud-based option called XaitPorter offers total control over document output. The features include pre-installed workflow, simple content reuse, and automated formatting, layout, and numbering.

#7. XaitPorter

To establish a project management culture for your company, use TouchBase, a complete web-based project and portfolio management (PPM) solution. Business processes including pre-sales and business development, finance, engineering, procurement, human resources, assets, quality, customer satisfaction, and others are integrated with TouchBase. With ERPs, CRMs, HRMSs, engineering, accounting, and other enterprise applications, TouchBase manages functional integration. Touchbase Core Solutions Projects for External Customers Opportunity-to-Cash (O2C) Projects for New Product Development Idea-to-Launch (I2L) Projects for Internal Initiatives Request-to-Completion (R2C) Projects

The Impact of TouchBase Business

#8. CanvasLogic

With CanvasLogic’s cloud-based product configurator software, you can let your clients envision customized items while closing agreements more quickly. With the aid of photorealistic 3D representation, this robust software enables users to customize complicated goods in real-time. Augmented Reality (AR) functionality improves the user experience for your consumers and inspires their imagination. Create a smooth sales process by combining the CanvasLogic configurator with other sales enablement platforms like CRM, eCommerce, PLM, PIM, and ERP. Automatically calculate the price with no mistakes when creating the product. With configuration-driven visualization solutions, CanvasLogic has been enabling its clients and partners for more than 15 years to automate sales, enhance the customer experience, and accelerate company growth. The firm, which was established in 2001, has received several honors for design and innovation for its modular 3D configuration software. CanvasLogic’s objective is to make it possible for


Turn to Huddle if you’re seeking a more effective and secure approach to interacting with your team. Huddle is a well-known software for team communication and project management that is appropriate for businesses and organizations in the public sector. Teams can manage team activities in a safe, shared place, exchange and edit files, and effortlessly collaborate on projects with Huddle. Additionally, it integrates with well-known business products like, Google Apps for Work, and Microsoft Office.

#10. Followup CRM 

For construction organizations, Followup CRM is a straightforward sales and project management tool that will let you see what your team is up to, let you communicate your progress internally, and open up channels for open team discussion. In other words, just what you require to move your company forward. Gained opportunities may be smoothly converted to projects without losing any data. To guarantee on-time delivery and satisfied clients, track milestones, manage procedures, and interact with other systems. Every firm is aware that gaining a customer is just the beginning. The most important aspect of any customer relationship is ensuring that everyone involved is working toward the same goals while providing the good or service.

#11. Qwilr

Create incredibly attractive sales and marketing papers with Qwilr to save time and secure more employment. Qwilr, a platform used by thousands of companies to enhance their communications, is for creative and forward-thinking teams. Teams may transform sales and marketing assets, including quotations, proposals, pitches, and papers, into gorgeous web pages with this dynamic and mobile-friendly platform. Users of Qwilr may also incorporate movies, maps, polls, spreadsheets, and other types of content into their papers.

#12.  WorkflowMax 

Choose WorkflowMax if you’re seeking a feature-rich yet cost-effective solution to boost project profitability. WorkflowMax is a cloud-based online workflow and task management tool offered by Xero that is favored by more than 10,000 enterprises. These consist of work administration, quotation, time tracking, simplified billing, and insights and reporting. WorkflowMax is good for creative agencies, billing-by-the-hour professionals like architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, IT businesses, construction companies, and consultants.

#13. Curate

A platform for managing special events called Curate was developed expressly with caterers, florists, and rental businesses in mind. Curate automates the whole process from proposal to strike, helping event professionals spend more time on the activities they like most. This is in contrast to spreadsheets and sticky notes. Curate offers three distinct products: Curate Proposals, Curate COGS, and Curate Rentals. These three solutions integrate well with one another.

#14. RFPIO

Some of the world’s brightest businesses use RFPIO, the top RFP response management solution and the sector’s first AI-enabled RFP software, to handle replies to RFPs, RFIs, security questionnaires, and DDQs. Teams can connect their employees and increase the quality and accessibility of their materials with comprehensive and bi-directional interfaces with an open API, enabling collaboration without limits. More than 150,000 users rely on RFPIO to alter their response processes digitally, share expertise, and cooperate globally.

#15. Proposify

The online proposal software called Proposify provides you with command over and insight into the most crucial phase of your sales process. the finish. Get the confidence and authority to rule over deals from deal design to sign-off. Create effective sales materials that are consistently accurate. Get the information you need to grow your process, do engagements on time, and make accurate predictions.

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