8 Best Sites Like Leaked Reality Alternative in 2022

Leaked Reality is a website where you can see unedited news and media videos, ranging from breaking news from across the world to Hollywood paparazzi. This site has articles about politics, entertainment, technology, and even sports that haven’t been published anywhere else before. The leaked reality website’s purpose is to make as much of this special information available to you as possible. Leaked reality provides you with full access to all sides of these issues produced by our team, unlike hefty press releases that just collect a few videos or a blog post.

New videos and blogs are added to the site on a regular basis. It’s a new kind of journalism that combines new media with traditional news gathering. Leaked Reality is the most popular online community for those who wish to watch, save, and share odd movies. The website says it has one of the best collections of leaked and random videos that can be watched from anywhere in the world.

8 Best Sites Like Leaked Reality Alternative in 2022

All of the leaked reality films on this site are divided into several categories, such as accidents, entertainment, cars, robberies, documentaries, and more. You have complete freedom to explore its categories. It’s a free-to-stream service, but if you want to view the premium content or post your own movies, you’ll need to upgrade to the VIP membership, which unlocks a variety of extra features. There leaked reality is also a popular video area where you can find leaked videos from all over the world.

The goal of the Leaked Reality platform is to give everyone in the world a fair, free, and honest news source. Because it has no objective other than to share the world’s news from a fresh perspective, the material is raw and unfiltered. So, instead of teaching you wrong things, the material makes you feel like you know what you’re talking about. Overall, Leaked Reality is a great platform that you should think about using.

Leaked reality Features

  • Dark Theme
  • Hundreds of new videos are added every day.
  • Search Box with a Simple User Interface
  • Create and upload your own videos!

1. Goregrish


Goregrish is a leaked reality website that has videos of many deaths, car accidents, and other things that could be gruesome. Images on the site range from limbs that have been cut off to black widow spiders. You’ll want to see anything that might be made into a movie, or at the very least, a horror podcast. The website has both true accounts of real deaths and made-up stories that are loosely based on real events. Members get access to a different section with premium content and even higher levels of violence. Overall, Goregrish is a great platform that you should think about using.

2. Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine

Modification of the Body Ezine is a leaked reality website with an explicit content library that includes violent films, photographs, materials, and coverage of severe body piercings. Extreme body alteration and ornamentation are also common, whether in the form of tattoos or body piercings. The community may contribute their personal experiences in the form of photos and videos from all around the world. You may also search by categories such as tattoos, scarification, culture, surgery, ritual, and so on. Browse through chemical scarification, tongue removal, cuts, genital surgery, ball dancing, and other subcategories. Body Modification Ezine is a great website that you should check out as one of your choices.

3. Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse is a leaked reality website where you can see films, photos, and audio stories that have not been changed in any way. You’ll come across frightening content that isn’t appropriate for mainstream media but ends up on sites like this. It includes photographs of real-life deaths, suicides, human abnormalities, and accidents. Damaged Corpse is, all in all, a great platform that you should think about using.

4. Bestgore


Bestgore is a shocking website with real-life news, photos, and videos that are very violent, as well as written comments and user moments. The site’s owner, Mark Marek, posts explicit photos and videos of real-life events like murders, torture, mutilations, suicide, accidents, and open procedures. The content contains a lot of violence and gore, so it’s not suitable for kids. Every day, Bestgore posts a new random video on its website.

5. Hoodsite


Hoodsite is a piece of full-featured, uncensored crime news and media website that was made to report on real-life events that regular news outlets don’t cover. Underage people are refused access to a news website due to the graphic nature of some of the content. The videos on this page have the potential to be gory, insulting, disturbing, and unpleasant. The main page of this website offers news of all kinds, organized into six categories: Featured, News, Military, Cops, WTF, and Accidents, allowing the public to locate what they’re looking for based on their preferences.

Hoodsite makes it easy to locate leaked films of all types, including violent military footage, street fights, transit mishaps, and videos of street crimes. It covers political events, celebrity news, sports, scientific breakthroughs, and other topics through the Daily Mail. Another cool aspect of this site is that you can use a VPN to watch and download all of the unrestricted videos.

6. Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality is a leaked reality website that collects all of these death videos to show people what horrible things can happen when people break the law. This exposes the reality through films and images, allowing people to see what the media doesn’t portray and what goes on behind the scenes. Documenting Reality is a project that captures films of actual crimes in progress. The purpose is to inform individuals about the ramifications of aggressive behavior.

The site aims to demonstrate how hazardous it is for people to become violent criminals in their own communities. Documenting Reality also has a section dedicated to folks that have been featured on their website. You may also examine the number of views, topics, uploaders, upload times, and video or media genres. Overall, Documenting Reality is a great platform that you should consider using.

7. The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory is a leaked reality website and blog network with extreme horror movies, videos, and made-up stories that have not been censored. The entire content is unfiltered and contains violence, gore, and blood. Since 2010, the site has been sending out a weekly podcast that reviews scary movies. In-depth reviews of hundreds of scary movies scare listeners. The Blood Factory also has a blog where they post one of their top choices from each genre every day. To freak you out, the blog area is frequently updated with new posts, such as their current article. Overall, Blood Factory Ezine is a fantastic site that you should explore as one of your options.

8. is a site dedicated to strange, disturbing, and morbidly interesting stuff. Rotten was created in 1996 by a group of artists and writers who were drawn to the bleak realm of rotting art and culture. It tries to bring attention to things that aren’t easy to find at the top of a search engine or even in mainstream media. It’s hard to think how much simpler it could get, yet makes it possible. Rotten articles try to dig deeper into some of the worst people and events in history. Overall, is a fantastic site that you should explore as one of your options.

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