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15 Best Help Authoring Software (HAT) in 2022

Help Authoring Tool (HAT) Software

Help Authoring Software is a tool for making and publishing content that can be used to make things like help documents, manuals, help sites, knowledge bases, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). It speeds up the time-consuming process of writing help files so that technical writers can focus on making information that is easy for end-users to read and understand. The Help Authoring Software makes it possible to publish from a single source on many different platforms, such as the web, mobile, PDFs, ebooks, and printed materials. Unfortunately, many customers think that the company’s help centers are hard to use, so they either stop using them or call for help.

Some consumers may be confused by the lingo, while your more seasoned users may detest having to sift through reams of material that never gets to the point. It’s not easy to create high-quality user documentation, but most businesses can accomplish it. You must select the greatest Help Authoring Software in order to host the best documentation possible.

15 Best Help Authoring Software (HAT) in 2022

This is attainable with the use of robust Help Authoring Software. It allows you to create engaging help content that clients can easily access. With so many options available online, it may be hard to find the one that fits your needs best. Don’t be concerned. We’ve got you covered. To assist you in making an educated choice, this article gives a list of the 15 finest Help Authoring Software. But before we get into that, let’s define what a Help Authoring Software is and why it’s crucial for your company.

Help Authoring Software Advantages

The best Help Authoring Software is made to make it easier for technical writers to put together help documentation. When using Help Authoring Software, writers might not worry about how a help file will look on different systems. Rather, they may concentrate entirely on what they do best—generating relevant help material for end-users. Help Authoring Software is a lifesaver for technical writers who need help at any point during the process of creating content.

Here are the main advantages of using online Help Authoring Software:

1. Allows writers and editors to collaborate

A good Help Authoring Software gives technical writers and editors a place to work together on high-quality help content for your users. You can make a system for working together where everyone knows what they’re supposed to do by giving roles, permissions, and responsibilities to each person and team.

2. Content from a single source

Modern software for writing help saves you time by letting you use the same piece of text in more than one place in a help article. It reduces the need to repeatedly compose the same piece of text. You are free to write once and reuse it as many times and in as many places as you want.

3. Translation of multilingual content

It’s a difficult effort to serve consumers from all over the world who speak various languages. With the right Help Authoring Software, it’s easy to translate information into different languages and make a custom experience for each customer.

4. There is no need for coding or programming

Even if you are new to coding or have limited experience, you may benefit from software authoring assistance. The best tool for writing help does most of the hard work for you, so you don’t have to start from scratch and can focus on the content and style.

5. Increases Your Online Presence

Google favors content that answers a problem, is well-structured, and is interconnected. The best tools for writing help let you use a table of contents to make topic-based categories, add the right keywords, link all relevant pieces, and make it search engine-friendly.

1. Document360

Help Authoring Software Document360 is a software-as-a-service platform that lets you make a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and employees. These knowledge bases can be public or private. Here’s what Document360 has to offer in terms of features:


2. MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare is a powerful tool for technical communicators and people who work in learning and development to write and publish XML content based on topics. You can simply construct self-service support and online help sites, documentation portals, learning centers, training guides, knowledge bases, policy and procedure manuals, and more with Flare. To optimize your ROI throughout the company, increase content reuse and take advantage of multi-channel publishing features.

3. Archbee

Help Authoring Software Archbee is a platform for your team and customers to collaborate on documentation. Because Archbee allows you to easily create product documents, developer instructions, and API references all in one location, you can help your consumers get started with your product. Because it combines knowledge across products, engineering, support, marketing, and sales, Archbee is the best place to concentrate your company’s information.


4. Adobe RoboHelp

Using multiscreen HTML5, Adobe RoboHelp 11 software lets you show information that is customized for more than one screen. You can make beautiful, responsive HTML5 output with just one click, even for old projects, or publish content in EPUB 3, KF8, and MOBI formats.

5. ClickHelp

ClickHelp is a contemporary browser-based documentation solution that software firms all over the globe use to generate online user manuals, knowledge bases, help files, FAQs, and tutorials, which they then post instantaneously on their portal. ClickHelp is simple to set up and use: it requires no installation, operates in a web browser, and works on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.


6. Help & Manual

ProProfs Knowledge Base Software is a strong way to make a private and public knowledge base for both employees and customers. It helps cut down on the number of customer tickets, improves teamwork within the company, makes running the business easier, and improves customer service. By giving consolidated access to information across numerous devices and browsers, ProProfs guarantees that information collection becomes straightforward and smooth for both staff and consumers.


7. Author-It

Create, collaborate, manage, repurpose, translate, and publish your work. Everything is available on a single platform. Author-it is a complete Component Content Administration System (CCMS) for creating, managing, localizing, and distributing a wide range of information products.


8. Dr. Explain

Help Authoring Software Dr.Explain is a piece of software that lets you write help files, documentation, and online tutorials in CHM, PDF, DOC, and HTML. Dr.Explain is unique in that it automatically captures program screens or web pages and records them! Dr.Explain is built on a one-of-a-kind screen capture and interface analysis technique. Dr.Explain can automatically assess an application’s user interface, capture pictures of all controls and features, and then add explanatory callouts to all photographs using this approach.

9. HelpSmith

HelpSmith is a single-source Help Authoring Software that allows you to produce HTML Help (CHM), Web Help, Printed Manuals, Adobe PDF, MS Word documents, and ePub eBooks. HelpSmith has a large number of features and an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to learn.


10. HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc is a simple but powerful Help Authoring Software that can produce a variety of documentation formats from a single source, including HTML and CHM help files, PDF and Word manuals, ePub and Kindle eBooks, cross-platform Qt Help files, Markdown documents, and mobile websites for iPhone and Android. Forget bulky user interfaces and difficult-to-understand Help Authoring Software: HelpNDoc offers the most powerful features in their most basic form. It’s common to create HTML and CHM help files…

11. HelpStudio


HelpStudio combines a feature-rich WYSIWYG authoring environment with HTML-based layout templates and customizable Content Widgets to make it simple to quickly design and localize consistent, professional-looking help systems. Help Authoring Software has just gotten a lot simpler.

12. snazzyDocs – Help Authoring Software

Help Authoring Software SnazzyDocs is a web-based tool that allows you to create and store documentation and help documents. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to configure servers, repositories, or websites.

13. Sonat – Help Authoring Software

Sonat is a cloud-based Help Authoring Software solution that lets you write, manage, and distribute free user manuals, product documentation, tutorials, knowledge bases, and training manuals. Sonat is a powerful but easy-to-use program that makes it easy for people to talk to each other in the best way possible. Create “publish requests” based on automated rules or user approvals, assign reviewers, build and customize approval processes, and get notified of every change or job that is sent out.

14. WebWorks ePublisher – Help Authoring Software

Help Authoring Software ePublisher enables you to take advantage of emerging technologies while providing you with features and formats that maintain the integrity of your message while catering to your audience’s tastes.

15. Anark – Help Authoring Software

Help Authoring Software Customers may utilize Anark to merge PLM and ERP data to create role-specific engineering releases, supply chain, manufacturing, inspection, and field service/IIOT information that can be used throughout the extended organization and supply chain. By offering published material in the right context of each enterprise activity, Anark Core and MBEWeb enable information-rich dialogues between engineering and downstream users of PLM and ERP data.

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