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Users may use Disboard, a multifunctional bot, to construct their own Discord server. With the aid of the numerous supplied commands, you may create your own community and moderating staff. A system that manages roles automatically gives users roles when they join the server and takes them away when they leave.

The ability to create your own Discord server is the key advantage provided by Disboard. Having said that, this function does not come without its drawbacks. You won’t be able to add channels or invite users unless you first establish a position (unless you are the owner of the server).

There is no way to delete all of a user’s communications (unless they were directly addressed by name), nor is it possible to delete all of the messages exchanged in a channel. You’re in luck since there are feasible alternatives you can consider. The next section discusses Disboard’s alternatives.

What Exactly Is a Disboard?

Disboard, a non-profit company, was established to enable communication between Discord servers and users. Other Discord servers may be discovered in an open directory here. Discord servers for gaming, anime, music, technology and other topics are among many mentioned on this page. As of June 2022, over 1,200,000 servers have been detected. This website is available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, and Korean, in addition to English.

The Top 10 Best Disboard Replacements in 2022

Here is the list of best alternatives to Disboard to make your own server.

#1. Discord Server

Discord Server

The website lists several Discord servers. One of the most important ways to interact online, both personally and professionally, is through group chats, which originated as a way to link people to play games together. is a better pick than Disboard since it offers more features. allows you to list your Discord server and view server details using easy HTTP requests. IFTTT can be used to send notifications or do other things when new servers are added or removed from the site.

You can see how many users are presently signed in, how many people are on a server, and their current status on A list of all the servers that have been added to the database is also included. Customers that register their servers with them may also access a variety of handy tools for free.

However, it does not employ Disboard’s approach of selecting the best servers for you. Many Disboard servers utilise ruses such as fake bots and other ruses to enhance their ranks in search results. prevents this by implementing a voting mechanism on each server profile.

Users can use this voting system to rate servers based on their quality and content rather than how they appear. When you establish a server on, the site immediately provides a listing for you, making it easier for others to find you. The more users on your server, the more people you have to chat with and exchange ideas with.

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#2. Discord Bot

Discord Bot

You may search and browse for bots on the Discord Bot List. This platform also includes a website, rating systems, and moderator resources. The Discord Bot List was created as a replacement for Discord since it lacked numerous features, such as the ability to organise bots by category or tag. The Discord Bot List offers an advantage over other sites like Disboard since tags can be used to discover bots rather than simply names and descriptions. As a consequence, finding new bots has become a lot easier!

The Discord Bot List allows users to post their bots on various websites. Users may rank bots on this main bot list, which is a terrific way to spread the word about your own bot. One disadvantage of this technique is that the authentication process is not always quick and simple (in my experience). You will only be able to retrieve the top 1000 bots (or less) if you do not have access to the API key (which they only give out to verified bots).

Keeping track of how many servers you connect to each day will be more challenging if you aren’t a DBL “certified” bot.

#3. is a leaderboard website that allows users to rate and evaluate Discord bots that they love using on the website. It facilitates receiving more votes for your Discord bot. Creators of Discord bots are finding it harder and harder to get the word out about their bots, especially since the market for Discord bots has become more crowded over time.

In exchange for voting for your bot, this website provides users with a system that includes many incentives such as server boosts, roles, and other awards. This mechanism is intended to motivate people to vote for your bot. Furthermore, users get compensated for voting regularly and inviting their friends to vote. This helps your server grow on its own and gets more people from your community involved.

Unlike Disboard, it does not charge customers to use its services and allows users to directly advertise their bots. was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It includes search-based rank scores and menus, helping users to get what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.’s API allows developers to post their bots to the database so that everyone else may use them, making it much easier for everyone to find new bots in a number of categories. It also shows the Discord servers you’ve joined as well as the amount of time you’ve spent on each one. Additionally, you may add bots to the server.

#4. Discord.Me


Thousands of Discord users may locate your server on, a web-based Discord server directory. It creates links between people through groupings known as “servers. In some ways, it’s similar to a virtual home where individuals may express themselves and interact with others.

There are thousands of public Discord groups that anybody can join, so finding the best one for you might be difficult at times. They came up with a way to solve this problem by making a tool that lets you find new communities on based on your interests.

You can locate gaming groups to join and communicate with other gamers on If you need a long-term solution for your server, Disboard is an excellent choice. While Discord is good for setting up a temporary server, such as for a game or event, Discord is ideal for setting up a permanent server, such as for a game or event.

You may list your Discord server alongside hundreds of others on and use its premium services to help it grow. Users may be up and running in a couple of seconds using this! With Discord, you can easily search among hundreds of servers and choose one that matches your needs. It is free to use, as opposed to Disboard, which needs a membership.


On, you can create your own profile and browse and join groups depending on the games you like to play. You can also invite your friends to participate in the fun by forming your own group. When you use, you can effortlessly chat with your Steam-using buddies. This is a tremendous benefit!

It also allows you to purchase games via the Steam platform. You may connect with your friends and other players who play the same games as you by using Disboard is a great place to learn about a variety of topics. Because it has been around for a long time and has a vast user base, new and fascinating information is always being added. Unlike Steam, Disboard is so huge that it may be overwhelming at times.

#6. Linkvertise


An ad will display on an intermediary page if someone clicks on one of your links. When they click the skip button, they will be sent to their planned destination (your link). It’s as simple as that! Before your friend or subscriber can view the URL you shared with them (the one you want them to go to), there is a 15-second delay. Your friend or subscriber will see an advertisement if they are online during this period.

Disboard is infamous for being inconvenient, and as a result, users frequently find themselves unable to access the websites they planned to visit. Your friends and subscribers can always rely on Linkvertise to get them to their chosen place.

Linkvertise is one of the fastest-growing link shortening services in terms of CPM and conversion rates. The primary advantages of this service are that it is simple to use and has a high conversion rate, which allows you to earn more money and allows the user to easily escape advertisements.

Due to its lower cost per impression, Linkvertise is a more inexpensive alternative to Disboard. If you post adult content, you may charge more per impression and make more money since you can choose your own pricing for any piece of content you publish.

#7. Disforge

Disforge, a new Discord bot list, has just arisen to replace the outdated and vulnerable Disboard. Despite my bias because it is operated by a bunch of my closest friends, the bot list is great. You may add bots to your server via the website, just like on Disboard. Your bots can be included and marketed as well. Multiple servers can be hosted on a single account, and automated moderation can be enabled (which is useful and offers better support for mobile users). allows you to create your own Discord server. A Discord server can be setup for any purpose, such as gaming, business, education, or employment. The options are endless! You can make a Discord server on other websites, but none of them are as easy to use or have as many features as Disforge.

It takes at least 10 seconds to load the list of servers, and each server page takes another 5–10 seconds. Disforge, as opposed to Disboard, loads all of this data much faster and has considerably greater search filters.

#8. lists hundreds of Discord servers, making it simple to browse among them. is simpler to use than Disboard, which is more difficult to grasp if you are unfamiliar with its capabilities. Compared to Disboard,’s search tool is far more user-friendly.

Instead of having to wade through limitless pages or navigate through different categories, allows you to search for specific words or genres using a simple search box at the top of the website. It is simple to add your server to’s database. The category system on this list allows users to look for servers based on certain interests.

The site itself has a wealth of information regarding Discord, including how to create bots and much more. The Discord bot acts as a go-between for the website and your server’s Dyno bot. If you’re a player or a creator of content, These bots can be used to automate tasks like moderating chats, sending out messages, and running giveaways.

The bot now has over 90,000 active servers. Furthermore, it has over three million unique monthly users, making it one of the most popular Discord add-ons.

#9. DiscordL

Discord Server

DiscordL can help you limit your search across hundreds of Discord servers. This subreddit allows server moderators to promote their services in order to help others locate the best hosting solution for them. An extra “boost” mechanism allows servers to earn points for reaching certain milestones. For instance, their first vote or the addition of a new member to their group. It allows new servers to compete with established ones and gain community attention.

Simply put, it’s an excellent substitute for Disboard. Because it is a fair ranking system, anyone with a competent server may be identified. without spending any money or time promoting it elsewhere. DiscordL is an ideal option for Disboard because of its absence of advertisements, clutter, and faster loading times.

#10. CosmicList

Cosmic List

Cosmic List is a Discord server advertising platform. Make use of it to market your server and gain new users! The server has a number of subcategories. There are several ways to market your service, one for each category. Channels are rated by members of the promoted server. While navigating through a certain category, the most popular servers will be displayed at the top of the list. In Cosmic List’s economic system, you may earn credits by advertising your server, voting for other users, and other activities. These points can be used to boost the performance of your own servers.


Where do you go to find a Discord server?

“Servers,” which are community-created “chat groups,” let users speak with one another via text, audio, and video.

There are several Discord servers accessible, but not all of them may be a suitable fit for you. Discord Street allows you to browse and sift through tens of thousands of servers by tags. Discord Street uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend the most relevant Discord servers.

When and how can I join a Discord server?

An Invite URL can be used to get access to a Discord server. You can join a server by using the “Join” buttons supplied by Discord Street. The server invitation may have expired or be invalid, and we are unable to issue fresh invites. Please keep this possibility in mind. Only server owners can amend Discord Street invitations. Listings with expired invitations are removed from our database.

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