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15 Best Detectify Alternative & Competitors To Provide Security

Detectify is an external attack surface management solution that is fully automated and powered by a world-class ethical hacker community. Security teams using Detectify can map out their entire attack surface to find anomalies and detect the latest business-critical vulnerabilities in real-time, especially in third-party software, by leveraging hacker insights. Hacking is the only way to secure your attack surface, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Continuous security begins with just a few clicks with Detectify. See 16 Best Skilljar Software Alternatives For Learning Management.

Detectify’s solution includes the following components:

15 Best Detectify Alternative & Competitors To Provide Security

Here we make a list of the best alternatives to detectify to provide security for your business.

#1. FortiNet

Unprotected web applications and APIs are the most accessible to hackers and are vulnerable to a variety of attack types. Fortinet’s AI-enhanced, multi-layered approach safeguards your web applications against the OWASP Top 10 and more. Fortinet ML customises application protection to provide robust protection without the time-consuming manual tuning required by other solutions. Fortinet uses machine learning to detect anomalous behaviour and, more importantly, to distinguish between malicious and benign anomalies. The solution also has strong bot mitigation capabilities, allowing benign bots (such as search engines) to connect while blocking malicious bot activity. Fortinet also includes API discovery and security, as well as threat analytics to detect significant security incidents. It is a great Detectify alternative.

#2. Kiuwan

Scan your code automatically to find and fix vulnerabilities. Kiuwan Code Security works with the best DevOps tools and meets the strictest security standards, like OWASP and CWE.

Static application security testing and source code analysis is effective and affordable for teams of all sizes. Kiuwan combines a lot of important features into a single platform that you can easily add to your own development infrastructure. It’s also best Detectify alternative.

#3. Pentera

Another Detectify alternative. Pentera (formerly Pcysys) is an automated security validation platform that assists you in improving security so you always know where you stand. It validates all cybersecurity layers by simulating attacks safely, providing you with a risk-based remediation roadmap. Pentera identifies true risk and security exposure, allowing you to focus on the 5% of flaws that account for 95% of the actual risk. Pentera is a fully automated, agentless, low-touch platform that requires no prior knowledge of the environment. The solution can see what no one else can, allowing for immediate discovery and validation of exposure across a distributed network infrastructure. Pentera allows security teams to think and act like their adversaries, providing you with the insights needed to anticipate and prevent an attack before it occurs. Hundreds of businesses rely on Pentera’s no-harm policy, which includes no locked users, no network downtime, and no data manipulation.

#4. AppTrana

Another Best competitor to Detectify. AppTrana from Indusface is a fully managed web application firewall that provides risk-based protection with DDoS, API risk, and bot mitigation services, as well as web acceleration with secure CDN. It detects application vulnerabilities by combining automated scanning with manual pen-testing. All of this is possible because experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure there are no false-positive results.

#5. Invicti

Another great Detectify alternative. With Invicti, you can drastically reduce your risk of being attacked (formerly Netsparker). Get precise, automated application security testing that scales like no other. Your security challenges are outpacing your team. That is why security testing automation should be built into every step of your SDLC. Security tasks can be automated, saving your team hundreds of hours per month. Identify the critical vulnerabilities and then seamlessly assign them for remediation. Whether you run an AppSec, DevOps, or DevSecOps programme, you can assist security and development teams in staying ahead of their workloads. Without complete visibility into your apps, vulnerabilities, and remediation efforts, it’s impossible to demonstrate that you’re doing everything possible to reduce your company’s risk. Find all of your web assets, including those that have been misplaced, forgotten, or created by rogue departments. You can scan the corners of your apps that other tools miss using our unique dynamic + interactive (DAST + IAST) scanning approach.

#6. Acunetix

Acunetix like Detectify, is the market leader in automated web application security testing and is used by many Fortune 500 companies. Acunetix detects and reports on a wide range of web application flaws. Acunetix’s industry-leading crawler supports HTML5, JavaScript, and single-page applications, allowing auditing of complex, authenticated applications. Acunetix offers the only technology on the market that can detect out-of-band vulnerabilities automatically, and it is available as both an online and on-premise solution. Acunetix also includes integrated vulnerability management features to enhance the enterprise’s ability to manage, prioritise, and control vulnerability threats based on business criticality. Acunetix works with popular bug trackers and firewalls and is available for Windows, Linux, and the cloud.

#7. Crashtest Security

Crashtest Security is a security vulnerability scanner that is offered as a service (SaaS). It lets agile development teams make sure that security is always up to date before going live.

Our cutting-edge dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution works with your development environment to protect multi-page and JavaScript apps, as well as microservices and APIs.

#8. Trend Micro Cloud One

Trend Micro’s Cloud OneTM security services platform simplifies cloud security. Save time while increasing visibility. Automation of deployment and discovery results in operational efficiencies and faster, more streamlined compliance. The builder’s preference You select the cloud, platforms, and tools, and we leverage our turn-key integrations and broad APIs, allowing you to procure and deploy as you see fit. One tool with the breadth, depth, and innovation needed to meet and manage your cloud security requirements today and in the future. With cloud-native security, new features are added every week and don’t change how access or experience work.

#9. Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service on AWS

Traditional web application firewalls can take days to configure. However, Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service, a full-featured, cloud-delivered application security service, deviates from the norm. Deploy it, configure it, and put it into full production in minutes, protecting all of your apps from all threats.

#10. Vulcan Enterprise

Vulcan Cyber logo

Vulcan Cyber is changing the way businesses reduce cyber risk by orchestrating vulnerability remediation. We assist IT security teams in going beyond remedial vulnerability management to driving vulnerability remediation outcomes. To provide risk-based vulnerability prioritisation insights, the Vulcan platform combines vulnerability and asset data with threat intelligence and customizable risk parameters. However, we do not stop there. Vulcan remediation intelligence attaches the remedies and fixes required to mitigate the threat to the vulnerabilities that matter to your business. The rest of the remediation process is then orchestrated and measured by Vulcan using integrations and inputs into application security, DevSecOps, patch management, configuration management, and cloud security tools, teams, and functions. Vulcan Cyber is the only company that can coordinate the whole process of fixing vulnerabilities, from scanning to fixing, to GET FIX DONE at scale.

#11. Astra Security

Astra Security is the best security suite for web and mobile apps, networks, cloud infrastructures, APIs, and other applications. You don’t have to worry about malware, credit card hacks, SQLi, XSS, SEO spam, comment spam, brute force, or any of the other 100+ types of internet threats when you use Astra Website Protection. Astra Website Protection includes a Website/Web Application Firewall as well as a Malware Scanner. This means you can get rid of multiple security solutions and let Astra handle everything.

#12. Skybox Security

Skybox’s risk-based vulnerability management approach begins with new vulnerability data from your entire network—physical IT, multi-cloud, and operational technology (OT). Skybox assesses vulnerabilities without running a scan using a variety of sources, including asset and patch management systems and network devices. We also collect, centralize, and combine data from multiple scanners to give you the most accurate vulnerability assessments whenever you need them.

#13. Defendify

Defendify is a cybersecurity pioneer for organisations without security teams. Defendify provides an all-in-one platform, cybersecurity expertise, and support to help you continuously strengthen cybersecurity across people, processes, and technology. Defendify consolidates and cost-effectively integrates cybersecurity assessments, testing, policies, training, detection, and response into a single cybersecurity solution. Get the Defendify Essentials Package for free, which includes a cybersecurity assessment tool, an automated network vulnerability scanner, and a threat alert system.

#14. Quantum Armor

The sum of all attack vectors that can be used to breach your perimeter defences is your attack surface. In other words, it refers to the total amount of information you expose to the outside world. In general, the larger the attack surface, the more opportunities hackers will have to find and exploit a weak link in your network.When attacking a target, professional hackers typically follow the cyber kill chain, with surveying the target’s attack surface being the very first step; this is known as advanced reconnaissance. By eliminating potential attack vectors as early as possible, reducing the attack surface can reduce risk further down the cyber kill chain, preventing attacks before they occur. The cyber kill chain is a way to organise and track the different stages of a cyberattack, from the first step of reconnaissance to the last step of stealing data.

#15. CyCognito

Using nation-state grade technology, expose all of your organization’s hidden security gaps. CyCognito’s Global Bot Network scans, discovers, and fingerprints billions of digital assets all over the world using attacker-like reconnaissance techniques. There is no need for input or configuration. Explore the unknown. The Discovery Engine maps your organization’s entire attack surface using graph data modelling. You get a clear picture of every asset an attacker could access — what it is and how it relates to your business. The attack simulator identifies risks per asset and discovers potential attack vectors using CyCognito’s proprietary risk-detection methods. It doesn’t change how business is done and doesn’t need to be deployed, set up, or whitelisted to work.


What is the purpose of Detectify?

Check your web apps for vulnerabilities, receive alerts when they are discovered, and get help fixing them. Scanning is done continuously in development, staging, and production environments.

How trustworthy is Detectify?

Detectify’s unique selling point is its open-source security research mechanism. It is constantly expanding its list of known vulnerabilities, which it does not share with the rest of the cybersecurity industry. Even better, there are no upfront costs for running a research team with Detectify.

How long does it take for Detectify to scan?

Application scanning can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours, depending on a variety of factors.

Who exactly is

Detectify, founded in 2013 in Stockholm, has grown from a group of security-interested friends’ idea to a 140+ employee SaaS security company. We are changing the future of internet security by automating and scaling up crowdsourced research on security holes.

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