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Top 15 Contest Software For Organizations in 2022

Contest Software

You can keep your clients and followers interested in your business in a fun way by using contest software to help you build a variety of free contest apps and sweepstakes for your website, blog, or social media page. One of the most effective marketing strategies for growing your consumer base and fan base is holding competitions like this. These free online contest platforms can provide you with services like managing awards, voting, judging, submitting forms, etc. It’s now quicker and simpler to get the finest contest software free for your company! To choose the ideal software, compare costs, opinions, and features, and take advantage of a free consultation.

Top 15 Contest Software For Organizations in 2022

To compare the best photo contest software available, use the comparison tool below. Users’ ratings, prices, features, platforms, regions, support options, and integrations are just some of the ways that results can be narrowed down.

Contest software—what is it?

Marketing experts may organize, design, administer, manage, and publish online competitions, freebies, promotions, and campaigns using content management software. Use the table below to compare the top contest software currently on the market.

Are you using the greatest contest software?

Increase engagement by gamifying your company with viral contest software. By holding competitions on this platform, it will be simple to accomplish corporate aims and other purposes. Utilize this software to save time and improve campaign response. This fine best photo contest software allows participants to share the campaign further, resulting in a greater reach.

#1. Outgrow

Free photo contest software By making it simple to create customized quizzes, calculators, evaluations, recommendations, polls, and chatbots, Outgrow enables you to better acquire, qualify, and engage prospects. No need for developers or designers! Numerous design templates from Outgrow are readily embeddable into your advertising, websites, mobile applications, social media, SMS, and email communications and are completely suited for mobile, desktop, and tablet use. Also, there are more than 300 pre-made pieces of content and conversion funnels that you can use to make your own interactive content quickly by changing the questions and making a few other brand-consistent changes.

#2. Kangaroo Rewards

Contest Software Make the most of customer connections rather than simple transactions by using the loyalty marketing program Kangaroo Rewards. It is a fully white-label system that enables companies to interact with consumers through customized omnichannel experiences, automated marketing, referral marketing, digital gift cards, and branded apps. In-depth information is available from Kangaroo Rewards to help you track program performance and make adjustments based on trends in customer behavior. gives you the capability to boost revenue and client engagement.

A loyalty specialist is assigned to each account to provide training and support in the setup of your loyalty rewards program in order to guarantee program success. Customer loyalty is our business strategy at Kangaroo, and it goes beyond merely a program. Shopify POS and Shopify eCommerce, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Lightspeed Retail, and Lightspeed Restaurants are POS integrations. Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Klaviyo all have marketing integrations.

#3. appyReward

The greatest rewards-based app, appyReward, is built into your preferred marketing, survey, or video platforms (Oracle Eloqua, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Zoom, etc.). The software enables you to run the most profitable campaign at the lowest possible cost. You can quickly reward your audience and monitor the outcomes in real-time by selecting the ideal gift and establishing the most effective campaign for your budget. Contest Software appyReward for tools for online surveys. You may encourage your audience to finish your survey by giving the appropriate prizes to the appropriate responders (SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Google Forms). The responses from those respondents are certainly pertinent, so you could wish to provide them with further incentives in exchange for filling out the survey.

#4. Evalato

Contest Software Evalato assists you in managing successful awards programs and expanding your community. It provides unparalleled versatility and simplicity of usage. Award managers, program managers, grant writers, and any other professional who plans awards, competitions, contests, and other programs turn to it as their go-to option. Evalato enables you to: -Easily gather and handle applications; -Boost assessment and select the most deserving winners.

With hundreds of other organizations, including the UN, WWF, Red Cross, Reuters, Vodafone, and others putting their trust in Evalato, you can work smarter and delight your community. For media organizations, associations, event firms, agencies, non-profits, businesses, and any other organization that offers awards or other programs, it’s the ideal answer. Evalato works with more than 2,000 different apps and supports more than 40 languages and 160 different currencies.

#5. Woorise

Woorise makes it simple to create engaging forms like surveys and quizzes, landing pages, and viral giveaways and contests. Contest Software Woorise assists small businesses in making connections with customers, gathering leads, and closing deals. For companies and e-commerce enterprises looking to boost sales and interest in their goods, it is the perfect instrument. Popular marketing systems like MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Bitly, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and many more are integrated with Woorise.

#6. Tremendous

The easiest method for distributing digital incentives and prizes all over the world is tremendous. Utilize the Tremendous platform to quickly give your beneficiaries cash, prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, and more. We make buying, tracking, and managing rewards at scale straightforward for businesses of all sizes. Customers may use the Tremendous platform to distribute rewards one at a time, en masse, or automatically by interacting with our API. To support their unique use cases, we collaborate with the biggest businesses in the world. Among these use, cases are market research, customer loyalty, health and wellness, employee rewards, referrals, and more.

There are no platform-related expenses while using Tremendous; it is free to use. Tremendous offers the best international reach (80+ countries), is the only platform that permits cash disbursements (Bank/ACH and PayPal), and has established the finest API in the sector.

#7. Wishpond

Contest Software Wishpond is a user-friendly lead management software developed by Wishpond Technologies to assist in generating, managing, and nurturing leads. Consolidating marketing automation into a single platform to manage all of the many lead lifecycles, also does away with the requirement for complex development across several systems. To help turn visitors into leads for your sales team, marketers can easily construct gorgeous pop-ups, landing pages, and contest sites using the drag and drop tool. By using the Wishpond solution, you may give your marketing team the edge they’ve been hoping for.

#8. SweepWidget

Create leaderboard competitions, immediate awards, freebies that go viral, and much more. With 90+ distinct entry points on 30+ social media networks, you may increase your following. SweepWidget helps grow your audience, your social media followers, your sales, your customer engagement, and your email list.

#9. KingSumo

Utilize viral freebies to expand your email list. When your giveaway is complete, you can use the “Ready to Award” option on your KingSumo dashboard to have a lucky winner selected at random (or winners). You have total choice over how and when you contact the winner because KingSumo doesn’t send the winner’s email automatically. Clicking on the number of participants in your KingSumo web app dashboard should lead you to a different page with stats on your contestants. You’ll notice a green “Export CSV” button on this page. Simply click that button to obtain a CSV of every participant. Remember that each time a new participant enters, you’ll need to download the CSV file again.

#10. Woobox

A software company in the US by the name of Woobox releases the Woobox software package. Software as a service is what Woobox offers. The contest software is Woobox. Woobox, Vyper, Weems, and Easypromos are a few alternative competitors to Woobox in the software market.

#11. RankedVote

Add ranked-choice surveys and competitions to your website. The embeddable polls from RankedVote keep your audience interested with dynamic, real-time results. Ranked-choice voting is the best method to use whenever there are more than two options available. Compared to traditional voting systems, it gives you a clearer and more accurate picture of what your audience wants.

#12. ShortStack

A digital marketing platform called ShortStack was created for lead generation, interaction, and marketing automation. From one location, they create distinctive contest landing pages, games, and quizzes; conduct social competitions; select winners; send emails, and evaluate outcomes. Use our ready-made, editable templates to make landing pages for instant wins, photo votes, hashtags, and basic sweepstakes quickly. These pages will work on mobile devices.

#13. ContestPad

Everything needed to develop, customize, and administer competition and rewards procedures is included in the ContestPad competition and awards administration platform. Use one of our lovely themes as the foundation for designing your event website. Make landing sites, galleries, portals for judging, and more. Advanced designers can even access the HTML and CSS code for each page to create completely unique designs. Include a listing for your contest in our competition directory, which is visited daily by hundreds of would-be competitors. Once your contest is underway, encourage participants and supporters to share their submissions on social media. With the use of comprehensive analytics, track the effectiveness of your competitive efforts. Even your own Google and Facebook statistics may be connected for research and retargeting. ContestPad offers a mobile and desktop experience that is optimized. Accept entries, approve them, handle a large volume of voting while preventing fraud, and set up multiple rounds of judgment.

#14. Spinify

The best sales gamification platform is Spinify! Want to get rid of the outdated whiteboards in your office once and for all? Do you have TVs in your office and wish you could utilize them to gamify sales? Spinify has created thousands of layouts that make it possible to create attractive contests and leaderboards in a matter of minutes. establishing friendly competitions that instantly motivate actions and results. Best of all, use entertaining YouTube music videos to celebrate when players score. Success at work has never been more enjoyable. It’s a free trial; very simple to set up. Excel, Google Sheets, and all other major CRMs are supported. Ready to gamify your workplace right now? We are prepared to assist.

#15. CliquePrize

With the aid of digital promotions including sweepstakes, contests, events, raffles, and instant win promos and giveaways, CliquePrize is an iOS mobile app that supports the expansion of small businesses. According to CliquePrize, solid data and consumer research are the first steps in building a small business. Contest Software Giving away a reward and conducting a customer survey is the quickest and simplest way to get consumer information.v

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