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20 Best Configure Price Quote Software (CPQ) In 2022

Configure Price Quote Software

Configure Price Quote software (CPQ) covers several forms of pricing, from market-based to contract pricing, and it contains capabilities that convert currencies, verify product availability, and if there is a discount, the quotations or proposal papers appear professional and are instantly updated.

The software also includes the capability of managing price policies. The software also manages discounts, allowing prices to be automatically adjusted to settings. “Guided selling” is another moniker for Configure Price Quote software CPQ capability that focuses on workflow, content, and visualisation features that assist non-technical users and support web-based, self-service settings.

If your company’s catalogues are increasing and consumers want more alternatives, if customers need help with up-selling opportunities, if the process of producing quotations takes more time than real selling, and you want to minimise errors, it’s time to investigate Configure Price Quote software CPQ. See 20 Best Digital Experience Platforms To Try In 2022.

What exactly is Configure Price Quote Software (CPQ)?

Configure Price Quote software guides clients to the proper goods and provides customizable quotation software features. Configure Price Quote software allows users to configure complicated or simple solutions involving various goods and services, guides them to the best items and alternatives based on client requirements, and promotes product up-sell and cross-sell through recommended options.

Configure Price Quote software supports businesses in organising commodities, their pricing, and how they should be sold. The software keeps a record of product selections, which aids in revision and record-keeping. It facilitates a customer’s purchasing experience and helps a sales professional appear competent and well-informed. The software can manage large sales volumes while eliminating errors and selling faster thanks to an easy-to-follow set up and setup procedure.

What are some examples of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software?

Configure Price Quote software helps sellers quote complicated and customizable items by supporting sales configuration, price, quote, and proposal creation operations. Configuration, pricing, and quoting of complicated and bespoke items are simplified and accelerated using CPQ software. Configure Price Quote Software automates the process of completing engineering calculations, analysing appropriate product alternatives, and creating the relevant commercial documents.

Choosing Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Software

There are various benefits to using Configure Price Quote software. It greatly aids in complex sales because the software can suggest the next steps that the sales rep should take. It automates workflows and assists reps in selling in accordance with the needs of customers. It also assists in suggesting products based on the type of sale. That is, if the sale is a new sale or an upgrade, the software flags them instantly.

The selection of Configure Price Quote software is dependent on understanding, analysing, and prioritising your requirements, as well as shortlisting providers based on your requirements, product features and functionality, industry experience, and past implementation experience. You will need to extensively evaluate the product capabilities of selected vendors with your user cases and demos, which will ultimately lead to the selection of an effective and perfect Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software that meets your business objectives.

20 Best Configure Price Quote Software (CPQ) In 2022

Here is the list of best Configure Price Quote Software to try in 2022.

#1. Conga

Conga CPQ (previously Apptus CPQ) is a cloud-based multi-channel sales management tool that assists corporate firms in creating quotations based on the most recent price data.

Sales representatives are unprepared, according to 82 percent of B2B decision-makers.Conga CPQ, on the other hand, can scale the behaviours of your top salespeople across the sales organisation through guided selling, price counselling, and margin protection.

Conga CPQ, by reducing manual procedures and boosting sales effectiveness, enables representatives to write thorough and complicated quotations quicker and more correctly, resulting in more deals with a greater win rate.

Pricing: Please contact Conga for a personal quote.

#2. Model N CPQ

The Model N CPQ enables businesses to use Salesforce Sales Cloud to configure and price their most complicated items. It also interfaces with SAP Variable Configurator (VC), allowing sales people to produce bids that are set and priced just as they would be in SAP.

Model N CPQ boosts sales productivity and response to sales possibilities, as well as shortens sales and quote cycles and reduces quoting mistakes.

Pricing: Please contact Model N for a personalised quote.

#3. Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a cutting-edge programme that assists businesses in automating their quoting, contracting, and ordering processes.

It works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, allowing you to manage all of your customer data in one place. Furthermore, the common data format allows for speedier product launches and simpler iteration.

Pricing begins at $75 per user/month.

#4. Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ (previously BigMachines) walks sales professionals and channel partners through a thorough step-by-step procedure to deliver the appropriate product at the right price automatically.

The simple solution streamlines your operations and speeds up your sales, allowing you to complete quotations faster and optimise pricing and profitability for your business goals.

The software may be deployed as a stand-alone service or integrated with other customer experience platforms like CRM, ERP, Service, and Ecommerce.

Pricing: $240 per user per month

#5. IBM Sterling CPQ

IBM Sterling CPQ assists e-commerce customers, sales teams, call centre employees, and partners in selecting the appropriate items and ensuring proper pricing. It simplifies the purchasing and selling of complicated products and services across all of your buyers’ chosen channels, allowing customers to buy from you more easily.

The IBM CPQ solution provides attractive capabilities that allow large businesses, particularly those with scattered teams, to get the work done quickly by replicating price engine rules and inheritances. It also allows the engine to be localised in order to serve different regions.

#6. CloudSense CPQ

CloudSense CPQ automates the complete sales and order process, beginning with bids and ending with contracts, orders, and invoicing. It is designed for high-volume or sophisticated on-going services in the communications, media, and utility industries. You may expect to decrease order mistakes, shorten sales cycles, and optimise order value by using CloudSense.

Pricing: Please contact CloudSense for a personalised quote.


SAP CPQ (previously CallidusCloud) simplifies, accelerates, and increases the profitability of your quoting and selling processes. Your sales staff and partners can effortlessly offer complicated product options, efficient pricing, and attractive quotations and proposals.

SAP CPQ integrates with your CRM, ERP, or e-commerce platform, allowing clients to initiate their own queries, configure the solution of interest, and submit their own orders.

Pricing begins at $71/user/month.

#8. Infor CPQ

Infor CPQ enables you to sell complicated items more quickly by reducing costly mistakes and duplication of work while shortening the sales cycle. With CPQ capabilities at the heart of your sales process, your sales professionals gain a significant competitive edge as well as a shorter route from engagement to conversion.

The solution works well with ERP systems and provides features such as a recommendation engine, unique price choices, and visualisations. It’s designed for customisable items and may provide your extended team members with the power of visible, accurate, and rapid ordering—right at their fingertips.

Pricing: Please contact Infor for a personal quote.

#9. Cincom CPQ

Cincom CPQ is a versatile and adaptable solution with an advanced configurator. It generates real-time pricing and quoting of product combinations and provides an instant proposal. Customers have all they need to make a rapid purchase choice, while salespeople and dealers have everything they need to acquire additional business.

Pricing: Please contact Cincom for a personal quote.

#10. QuoteWerks CPQ

QuoteWerks CPQ is a turnkey solution with over 55 interfaces to CRM, accounting, and ERP systems. It is used in practically every industry by businesses of all sorts, from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 corporations.

You may quickly upload your product information into QuoteWorks or manually enter the information into the quote. And its configurator assists sales people in creating a quote from a list of products so that no items are overlooked.

QuoteWerks CPQ boosts productivity and increases sales by simplifying and expediting price quoting and proposal procedures in the office and on the road.

Pricing begins at $15 per user/month.

#11. Bit2win CPQ

Bit2win CPQ streamlines, automates, optimises, and accelerates the whole quote-to-cash process. With the most up-to-date product and price information, it enables sales, partners, and customers to configure complicated goods and services, generate accurate quotations, and make better transactions.

Bit2win CPQ allows for the selling of both physical products and subscriptions. It accepts recurring and one-time payments, bundles, and changes to current service contracts.

Pricing starts at $50/user/month.

#12. Experlogix CPQ

Experlogix CPQ enables sales people, customers, and channel partners to quickly and accurately configure, price, and provide customised, precise quotations. Its robust yet simple-to-use product configurator allows you to manage even the most intricate configuration, pricing, and quotation needs.

Furthermore, Experlogix CPQ provides unrivalled, certified connections with industry-leading CRM and ERP platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and NetSuite, allowing sales professionals to configure and deliver sophisticated and customised solutions without ever leaving their existing system.

Pricing: Please contact Experlogix for a personal quote.

#13. Zimit CPQ

Zimit CPQ is a quotation tool for business technology and services such as subscriptions, professional services, managed services, packaged solutions, and XaaS.

It enables companies to replace spreadsheets with a centralised solution catalogue that manages guided selling, automated document content, approvals, and a pricing engine designed specifically for the technology and services sector.

Pricing: Please contact Zimit for a personal quote.

#14. BlueSnap

The BlueSnap AR Automation software automates the whole quote-to-cash process. It’s simple to set up, doesn’t involve any code, and provides you with complete control over your process.

The old Armatic platform automates all aspects of billing, accounting, and payment. It comes pre-integrated with ERP and CRM software like Quickbooks, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics for easy reconciliation and reporting.

Pricing: Please contact BlueSnap for a personal quote.

#15. Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ enables B2B manufacturers to keep and offer highly configurable goods as standard. By automating business processes for quick, error-free quotes and orders, the award-winning configuration and pricing engine makes it easy to boost efficiency. Tacton CPQ can also be utilised by direct sales teams, resellers, or self-service clients in a multi-channel context.

Pricing: Please contact Tacton for a personal quote.

#16. DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ simplifies and accelerates quoting by providing real-time information on your prospects’ interaction and degree of interest. Unlike other CPQ systems, DealHub’s zero-code platform is simple to set up and use—simply put in your product data, configure your business rules, and begin quoting. Quotes may be generated in any format, including website, link, PDF, Word, and Excel.

Pricing: Please contact DealHub for a personal quote.

#17. CIS Configurator

CIS Configurator is a cloud-based platform for big and medium-sized manufacturing companies looking to automate quoting for internal and external sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers. Quotes, including configurable items and stock data, may be created, edited, revised, and copied and stored in a centralised area.

The rule-based configurator may work as a stand-alone application or interact with other programmes, such as your ERP or CRM, to allow users to produce quotations and orders with adjustable elements.

Pricing: Please contact CIS Configurator for a personal quote.

#18. XaitCPQ

XaitCPQ is a cloud-based pricing system designed for complicated, customizable goods. It centralises all complicated product, pricing, and business rules in order to automate and simplify processes in real time. The software connects with current systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage, and SAP Hybris.

XaitCPQ assists businesses in winning more sales at higher margins by making it quick and simple to accurately create, scale, and price product and service combinations.

Pricing: Please contact Xait for a personal quote.

#19. Hansen CPQ

Hansen CPQ (previously Sigma CPQ) software is aimed at communication service providers. Hansen Catalog powers the application, which provides “telco-grade” functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and other CRM systems.

You may use the software to sell anything from basic consumer solutions to bespoke business-to-business corporate services. It accelerates and improves the accuracy and speed of your sales quotations and orders, resulting in an instant gain in sales efficiency, agility, and client happiness.

Pricing: Please contact Hansen for a personal quote.

#20. ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell is a cloud-based CPQ software that generates quotes and offers for IT solution providers and resellers. It allows you to manage sales for growth, quickly generate professional quotations and proposals, and automatically update your sales funnel.

With a single click, ConnectWise Sell retrieves the most recent product and pricing information from major distributors. Furthermore, the software connects with Salesforce, NetSuite, Dynamics CRM, Autotask, and ConnectWise Manage.

Connect Wise CPQ instantly updates your CRM with real-time, time-stamped estimates and proposals, all with legally-compliant client approvals, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

Pricing: Please contact ConnectWise for a personal quote.

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