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18 Best Alternatives Of Carta That Assists Financial Firms In 2022

Carta is a cloud-based tool that assists financial firms in streamlining and managing portfolios, valuations, assets, and more. It offers businesses a fund administration module that allows venture capitalists to monitor evolving internal rates of return (IRR) on a consolidated dashboard.

Carta enables supervisors to access investors’ capitalization tables and evaluate key information depending on raised cash or preferred valuation. It allows organizations to securely keep paper certificates in a vault, minimizing the danger of theft or loss. Investors may also use mobile apps on Android and iOS smartphones to track investment ownership and asset performance in real-time.

Carta includes an application programming interface (API) that allows professionals to combine the system with a variety of third-party systems, including Namely, Xero, QuickBooks, and others. Pricing is available upon request, and customer service is available via phone and email.

What exactly does Carta do?

The software enables business owners to issue digital share certificates to investors, workers, and anyone else who is eligible for stock options. It also makes a single dashboard for issuers to use to keep track of who owns shares, when they are issued, how much they cost, and which owners are willing to sell.

Can you use Carta in the United Kingdom?

Issuing security: Outside of the United States, Carta is not a licenced transfer agent. This means that while we can keep track of your equity, you won’t be able to use our platform to sell securities.

Is Carta a financial institution?

Carta Worldwide is a Canadian company that makes financial technology. It works with banks and “fintech” companies to provide them with digital payment technology and modern card issuer processing.

What exactly is equity Carta?

Carta is a cloud-based tool for managing investments, valuations, equity plans, and cap tables. It can be used by investors, law firms, public and private businesses, and investors.

18 Best Alternatives Of Carta That Assists Financial Firms In 2022

Discover the top Carta alternatives and competitors. Examine 18 common Board Management platforms in depth to determine which one is best for you. Discover how these Board Management software options stack up against Carta in terms of features, convenience of use, customer care & support, and genuine user feedback.

#1 OnBoard

OnBoard like Carta is a board intelligence platform that streamlines board meeting administration and supports better-informed decision-making, more secure remote meetings, and real-time access from any device. It was awarded Capterra’s Ease of Use Badge.

You need board and leadership meeting management that is comprehensive, secure, flexible, and simple to use now more than ever. Streamline meeting preparation and deliver accurate, timely information to your executives across all platforms. Remote-capable with Zoom integration, allowing you to rule confidently from anywhere.

Users can create and co-author board books and materials, as well as quickly sync information across all of their platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets (including Android, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Windows Surface), and smartphones (Android and iPhone). Directly annotate board items with searchable notes. OnBoard has remote data swiping, surveys and quizzes, multi-board and multi-org support, and secure messaging for 1:1 or group discussions.

#2 Nasdaq Boardvantage Software

Nasdaq Boardvantage® is a board gateway that helps companies of all sizes run more efficiently.It is designed to improve the whole meeting workflow, is user-friendly, and provides the resources of a worldwide brand at the forefront of corporate governance leadership.

Nasdaq Boardvantage® is similarly designed as Carta to foster excellence at all levels. Meetings may be easily planned, information added, content included, and attendance tracked. Access critical documents and exchange notes, comments, and debates with colleagues in real-time. Connect to internal and external resources to keep important content close at hand. Use actionable things such as e-signatures, approvals, surveys, and email to go beyond the board book. Options for virtual and in-person meetings help assure productivity from wherever.

#3 Board Intelligence

Another alternative of Carta is Board Intelligence, a cloud-based platform designed to assist users in the development and sharing of ideas in the context of board management. It serves listed, publicly traded, and private clientele. Board Intelligence includes report authoring tools with a number of report templates. The application also includes online training to assist users in writing board reports.

The portal component of Board Intelligence allows users to keep track of board papers and examine them using a user-friendly smart tool that allows users to search through documents, annotate them, and go to any report in the pack. Board Intelligence has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Telephone and email support are both accessible.

#4 BoardDocs

BoardDocs is board management software for small and medium-sized communities, schools, and governments that are hosted in the cloud. Some of the most important features are managing meeting agendas, policies, events, advanced search, document management, and voting.

Users may build agendas, designate existing meetings, retrieve meeting minutes, add future meetings to the calendar, monitor modifications, approvals, and submittals, and prepare meeting papers using the meeting agenda tool. Other capabilities include conference audio and video replay; document date and time stamps; user-customizable templates; user account management; video support; and security management. BoardDocs(like Carta) is compatible with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

BoardDocs is available for a monthly subscription fee. It works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems. It provides mobile apps for iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Customer service is available via email and phone. Blogs, white papers, and support documents are also available.

#5 BoardEffect

BoardEffect, a Diligent trademark, is agile board management software designed for nonprofit, community healthcare, higher education, and credit union organizations to provide the tools needed to create more efficient, collaborative, and secure governance. BoardEffect, a subsidiary of Diligent, the leading supplier of contemporary governance solutions, is trusted by 40,000+ boards and communities, enabling them to easily access tools and information to address the organization’s most pressing concerns.

#6 Simbli Software

Simbli Board Meeting Management is a cloud-based collaboration tool similar to Carta for managing meetings, planning sessions, board policies, and board performance reviews. Users may establish and manage numerous meeting types from a single interface. Users may use the search engine to find and browse meetings based on meeting type, date, and other criteria. Administrators can tell users what roles they have and how much access they have, and they can also add notes to agenda items.

Meeting minutes may be produced, uploaded, and sent to attendees. During meetings, users can cast votes and record the results for later review. Meetings can be public or private, and administrators can restrict meeting accessibility to certain individuals. The Simbli iPad app allows users to remotely view meeting details.

#7  Loomion 

Loomion assists organizations with organising and managing online meetings through board member participation, collaboration, and secure communication. Organizations can use the platform to keep important documents and data in one place for future use.

Loomion includes a document management dashboard where professionals may examine meeting information, relevant papers, and the agenda. It includes calendar export, configurable access privileges, a content audit trail, watermarks, secure login, digital signatures, and other features. Administrators can also construct polls, vote, and surveys, allowing board members to engage in circular resolution debates, add annotations or comments to documents, and speed the approval process.

Full-text search capabilities are available on the Twelve Directors’ Portal, allowing users to filter material by document title, read date, and meeting agenda or type. You can get pricing information by asking, and you can get help by phone, email, and other internet methods.

#8 Convene

Convene is a multi-award-winning board management software alternative to Carta and a cloud-based collaboration platform for big and medium enterprises in various sectors. Live online presentation tools, integrated video conferencing, a drag-and-drop interface, meeting scheduling, and voting, rapid alerts, and document review rooms are among its significant and important features.

Documents, notes, agendas, and other presentation resources may be shared via a secure central platform. Users’ annotations may be made public or private, and presenters can employ technologies like virtual laser pointers and page synchronization to make sessions entertaining and productive. Users can also handle approvals, keep track of different activities and action items, present and vote on resolutions during meetings, and use an e-signature to sign off on documents.

#9 Aprio

Another alternative to Carta is Aprio, a simple board management software that allows firms to speed board meeting preparation, increase board involvement, and enhance decision-making outside of the boardroom. Our secure platform covers the key goals of modern boards, such as facilitating real-time collaboration and communication and providing quick access to board materials from any device at any time. Aprio makes good governance simple and economical by providing a 24/7 support team of expert board administrators.

#10 BoardPaq

BoardPaq is a cloud-based board management platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It serves enterprises in a wide range of sectors. Some of the main features are meeting management, news announcements, polls, task management, agenda management, and document discussions.

The home page displays all meeting information, news, papers, and responsibilities allocated to board members. BoardPaq’s site includes elements for analysing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to assist firms in effectively organising their board leadership and plans. You can also add notes to documents, look at board policies and procedures in a library, and access documents even when you’re not online.

#11 Ansarada

Ansarada Virtual Data Room is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that assists businesses, deal or tender consultants, and VC & PE investors in managing acquisitions, mergers, portfolios, corporate transactions, and more. The software’s granular control capabilities allow administrators to track, control, and remove documents from any location inside or outside data rooms, assuring organizational security and compliance.

Ansarada Virtual Data Room is a tender platform that includes pre-built processes for planning and speeding acquisitions, divestitures, fundraising, IPOs, and other critical transaction procedures. Users may obtain insights on deals, clients, and activities, as well as identify new patterns using real-time data dashboards to improve corporate strategy. Furthermore, firms may use the tender platform to get access to, collaborate on, and evaluate bidding initiatives.

#12 EasyBoard

Easy Board, a cloud-based board management system, was created from the bottom up for non-profits and other governing boards and is meant to assist companies with conducting board meetings. Multiple boards, centralised meeting information and announcements, a robust search engine, an integrated document library, admin controls, employee profiles, and group administration are among the key features.

Organizations may save time arranging meetings by conveniently managing papers, sending reminders, controlling file access by groups or committees, searching past minutes, and keeping track of vital information like board year terms and contact information. Easy Board gives organizations online help and training to make sure they are ready for success.

#13 Ncontracts

Many financial organizations use manual processes to manage risk and compliance. Departments don’t talk to each other or work as a team enough, and if they don’t, they have to pay big fines and penalties. Ncontracts provides comprehensive risk management solutions that cover the whole risk lifecycle, including enterprise risk, vendor risk, business continuity, compliance, audit, findings, and cybersecurity. Customers can choose which modules they want to use based on their needs, or they can put together a whole corporate risk management solution.

#14 Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool similar to Carta for teams of 20 or more that is appropriate for both major companies and small and medium-sized businesses. It allows diverse teams to operate remotely. Gantt charts, calendars, a workload view for resource management, bespoke dashboards, and real-time updates are included in this solution. It supports folders, projects, and tasks, as well as auto-assignment depending on task statuses.

Wrike for Marketers is a standalone application that includes custom templates, proofing capabilities, and an Adobe plugin. Wrike interfaces with several technologies, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, and Adobe Creative Cloud, and provides an open API. Wrike is appropriate for marketing, operations, creative, and big-to-medium-sized IT teams. The solution is paid per user and is available through a monthly subscription.

#15 TacoDigest

The simplest way to stay up to date on the latest online news. Reduce the amount of time you spend browsing through different applications and websites looking for news and important information. All of the sources you’ve selected will be delivered to you in a single email. Taco Digest delivers just the most vital news from carefully chosen sources, allowing you to shut out the noise.

Taco Digest is a web application that lets you create personalized email newsletters from your favourite sources. In today’s world, we realise how tough it is to keep up with news, social media, and friends’ updates. We are constantly inundated with large amounts of data, which may be detrimental to our mental health. Taco Digest’s purpose is to keep information consumption to one enjoyable and clean email each day. You simply need to use our easy interface to select your sources, favourite days of the week, and time in your time zone. You can now create your own digest while driving.

#16 Idgard

Idgard like carta is an all-in-one secure data transfer platform developed for corporations, governments, and organizations that need to safely and effectively transfer sensitive data. The platform is GDPR compliant and secure while handling sensitive data. Idgard simplifies collaboration by consolidating your team’s data-from document sharing to project management-into a single secure platform.

#17 Pulley

Another alternative to Carta is Pulley software, a Cap Table that manages your 409A’s audit-proof defensibility. Legal templates are provided by the program to manage signatures and transactions directly through Pulley. Collaborate with employees to pay for choices via ACH. Monitor the milestone-based vesting to create and electronically sign the board consent. It works with Gusto and Rippling.


Another replacement for the Carta is, a strong equity management tool that entrepreneurs use to keep accurate records and plan financial activities. Founders have access to convertible security, rapid guided development, simple collaboration, simple sharing, choice calculators, and strong round, and exit modelling capabilities. Users can create an infinite number of cap tables by following a guided method. may be used for everything, from drafting business ideas to capturing founders and early staff ownership to negotiating to fund.

Aside from monitoring and documenting strike prices, grant amounts, start dates, and vesting schedules, users may also optimize common stock option procedures. To ensure safe grant stock options, the third-party 409A value is updated. Users may examine the effects of different scenarios on ownership and plan their model’s future investment by inputting alternative values and investment possibilities. is a quick and easy way for founders to manage things like convertible notes, liquidation preferences, working together, and sharing.

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