15 Best Advertising Marketing Agencies for 2022

According to a recent poll, consumers like Advertising Marketing Agencies they are familiar with and trust. Select the most effective advertising tool for your business to guarantee that your brand is correctly and favorably portrayed. Choosing the appropriate Advertising Marketing Agencies may make or ruin your agency. Great agencies can help you grow your business with any of the many advertising agency pdf strategies available, such as affiliate marketing, public relations, Facebook ads, Google ads, and SEO.

We judge agencies on a number of things, like their list of clients, the domain authority of their website, and how well we work with them. Here is some background information on who we are and what we do, though, before we get into the list of agencies: The Advertising Marketing Agencies we run and the site you’re reading right now, Growth Marketing Pro, were both founded by Hailey and Mark.

15 Best Advertising Marketing Agencies for 2022

For more than ten years, we have mastered the growth of top Advertising Marketing companies. Each of us has launched a business. Each of us has overseen Advertising Marketing Agencies located in San Francisco. In less than two years, Growth Advertising Marketing Agencies Pro has expanded to become the most popular growth Advertising Marketing Agencies near me blog online. And in that time, without investing a single dollar in advertising, we built it into a 7-figure passive income firm. We’ve made personalized growth plans for more than 800 businesses, which have helped them reach their goals. We are entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur mentors, and we like what we do. Compare a few of the top advertising companies from across the world to get started. Learn which sectors each agency services, get a sense of what clients are saying about the agency, and then make an informed hiring choice.

Citizen Group

Advertising Marketing Agencies Citizen Group is a good-for-society advertising company, just as its name suggests. Citizen Group was founded in 2006 in San Francisco, California. It has a small staff of 15 people who are experts in social media marketing, design, and brand building.

Important Project

  • Citizen Group had a major influence in figuring out how to leverage the sports sector to promote sustainability.
  • They conceptualized the link between sports and the environment in collaboration with a young sustainability group and created advertising materials including films and slides to further the effort.


Since it opened more than ten years ago, DEKSIA has worked with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. The 20+ member team, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides branding, web design, and marketing strategy.

Important Project

  • For more than four years, DEKSIA collaborated with a house restoration firm to enhance its brand image and produce marketing materials including business cards, a website, shirts/hats, and prints.
  • The house repair company gets most of its business from word of mouth, so DEKSIA made its marketing materials with this in mind.

Duncan Channon

An advertising and media business called Duncan Channon has creative proficiency in branding, design, print, video, and digital marketing. They also provide media purchasing and planning and corporate strategy. The 1990-founded company is based in San Francisco, California, and has close to 100 workers.

Important Project

  • Duncan Channon was engaged by a public service organization to assist with a branding effort.
  • The client’s website, point-of-sale materials, and social media strategy were updated by Duncan Channon.


Advertising Marketing Agencies Interplanetary, a multifunctional advertising agency with headquarters in New York City, has expertise in developing direct marketing and digital campaigns. Since 2012, the group has helped businesses in the nonprofit, financial services, and health care sectors with their direct marketing, branding, and advertising.

Important Project

  • Interplanetary was hired by a healthcare company to help it build its brand and get national attention.
  • Interplanetary made a strategy for advertising that included radio, print, TV, digital, and other forms of media.
  • The customer claimed that the advertising plan had a direct impact on its success.


Advertising Marketing Agencies GKV is an advertising agency that was established in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1981. It offers many services, such as digital strategy, advertising, public relations, social media marketing, and branding. The team of more than 200 people mostly works with mid-market companies in the consumer goods, healthcare, and telecommunications industries.

Important Project

  • GKV is working on a project with a firm that produces food.
  • Traditional media was the primary emphasis of cooperation at first.
  • For print and television, GKV produced marketing pieces.
  • GKV is now helping the customer grow its presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

KHJ Brand Activation

Advertising Marketing Agencies KHJ is a full-service brand planning and activation company with experience in the healthcare and real estate sectors. KHJ is based in Boston. They were started in 1986 and offer media and activation, research and analytics, creative creation, and strategy and planning.

Important Project

  • An established partnership exists between KHJ and a local savings bank.
  • For over 20 years, they have been in charge of the bank’s media planning, buying, placement, strategy, and creative execution.
  • KHJ just updated the bank’s website and logo to improve the way people think of the brand.

RXM Creative

In 2013, RXM Creative was founded in New York City. Less than 10 people make up the tiny team, which focuses on social media marketing, content marketing, and advertising. They take great satisfaction in their ingenuity and strategy.

Important Project

  • A company that manufactures eyewear required assistance with a branding campaign for a new product.
  • The customer didn’t have a plan when they contacted RXM Creative.
  • RXM created a unique brand for the product by making a social media campaign and a tagline for it.
  • The customer praised the campaign’s exceptional outcomes.

Killian Branding

Advertising Marketing Agencies Killian Branding is a seasoned advertising company that was established in Chicago in 1987. Their knowledgeable staff provides advertising, branding, mobile and app marketing, email marketing, and marketing strategy, just a few of the many services that their knowledgeable staff provides.

Important Project

  • Killian Branding was hired by a fast-casual restaurant to create its corporate brand.
  • Killian Branding made marketing materials, found important touchpoints, and helped the client figure out who their target audience was.


Sensis is a marketing company that does everything. It has offices in Atlanta, Washington, DC, Austin, and Los Angeles. The 80-person Sensis team provides advertising, branding, public relations, mobile and digital marketing, and market research. Sensis was founded in 1998.

Important Project

  • An energy firm that is a client of Sensis wants to engage with its community by running a multilingual PR campaign.
  • Sensis planned neighborhood gatherings, collaborated with local media, and created all the advertising collateral.


Kiosk is a marketing company that offers a full range of services. Its main office is in the Bay Area of California, and it also has offices in Ontario, Canada, and Liverpool, United Kingdom. They’ve been around since 2004 and offer services like data and analytics, performance marketing, and design, branding, and video creation.

Important Project

  • The local government turned to Kiosk for a wide range of services so it could reach out to more businesses and people in the community.
  • In addition to making and developing the client’s website, they also ran the client’s social media marketing and strategy.


Bareface was started in 2008, and it has offices in London, Singapore, and Birmingham, both in the United Kingdom. Their 20-person team offers lead generation, email marketing, web building, social media marketing, and SEO planning.

Important Project

  • An ongoing initiative between Bareface and a leasing firm
  • They helped build the client’s business from the ground up by giving it a name, taking care of branding, making a website, coming up with a digital marketing plan, and keeping social media accounts updated.

The Brandon Agency

The Brandon Agency, based in South Carolina, is a group of brand strategy professionals with an emphasis on public relations, social media marketing, and advertising. The Brandon Agency, which was established in 1959, has offices across the country and abroad, including ones in NC, FL, TN, OH, CO, and Bulgaria.

Important Project

  • A resort management company hired The Brandon Agency to help an in-house social media manager with marketing on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Every month, they produce films and articles for the client to make sure there is enough material to distribute on the resort’s several social media platforms.
  • For the client, The Brandon Agency also oversees TripAdvisor, TripConnect, and Instant Book.


Mistress is a full-service advertising agency with roots in the sports, liquor, and entertainment sectors. It was founded in Santa Monica, California, in 2009. The group makes content, helps companies grow their audiences, and works on brand and content strategy.

Important Project

  • When people go to the movies, and entertainment firm wants to stand out and raise brand recognition.
  • Mistress used to print and digital media to construct a comprehensive marketing campaign.


Rocket10 has offices in San Francisco, California; Shanghai, China; and Moscow, Russia, despite having just opened its doors in 2015. The 40-person team knows how to buy and plan media, market mobile apps, and do advertising.

Important Project

  • Rocket10 was engaged by the music streaming business to manage its website in Russia.
  • Rocket10 monitors the site’s performance, particularly the cost per impression (CPI).

Bob’s Your Uncle

Bob’s Your Uncle is a Toronto, Canada-based advertising agency that was established in 2013. It employs more than 20 people. They deal with mid-market companies, offering services for branding, content marketing, and advertising.

Important Project

  • A food company asked Bob’s Your Uncle to come up with a marketing plan for a new product that included a TV ad in both English and French.
  • They conducted market research for the client to make sure that branding initiatives appropriately reflected the target demographic.
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